Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them…

I love this sentence, I am not sure how famous this sentence actually is, but I started to so agree with it since 3 years ago. I bought myself a poster of this sentence, then I started to show it to every guy, letting them know that they are stupid! Seriously, couldn’t agree more to this!! Proven that girls are smarter then, have you seen “Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them”? I haven’t.

Until yesterday, SOMEONE mentioned this sentence to me again, and it made me SMILE… Thanks! I had a better day after that…

My poster… Isn’t it cute?

4 replies on “Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them…”

Because when said so, a person would be labeled as sexist. It’s an official secret that girls are stupid, just that girls too stupid to realize that. HAHA~! XP

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