Damn TAXI Driver!!

OMG, I almost got killed!!… Directly by SO MANY PEOPLE hitting their bodies to me, and most importantly INDIRECTLY by this IDIOT TAXI DRIVER!!!

The story went like this…

I was happily going home on a tram, and as usual, I was standing behind the driver.

Because I like to look at how they DRIVING by only pulling the yellow accelerator and also pressing buttons, SO EASY!! They should hire me, as I know how to pull the yellow thing, and I know how to press buttons too!!

Back to the story… SUDDENLY, the tram driver STOPPED the tram, as in not moving at all, and it was an emergency stop. So, all those people stacking in front of me, hitting me with their sexy bodies. All stacking like a hamburger.


Because this BLARDEE HELL taxi driver did a U-Turn RIGHT IN FRONT of a moving tram, so the tram had to stop, else it would hit the damn taxi!! MA DE!! So irresponsible!! Luckily someone has noted down his number plate and NO, we don’t want to see this taxi on the road anymore!! He should lose his job!! IDIOT!!

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