Finally, PICHAS are here!!

Trip summary:
SuYin, Audrey and Ericca went for a day spa tour at LeSpa.
The Sofitel Mansion Hotel, Werribee Park (
on 16/09/2007.
Each had 1.5 hours treatment for AUD175.
AUD150 lunch for 3, chips, main, dessert, red wine.
STUPID entrance fee to the Mansion for AUD13 each.
Total damage: AUD 238 per person.

The spa was great, we got to use the pool and the steam before the treatment. Then, SuYin and Audrey went for a Rejuvenating Pearl and Kelp Full Body Wrap, in order to have a smooth smooth skin to seduce I don’t know who. While I went for a Remedial Massage, as I needed some massage for my tired body, it was good but PAINFUL!! That means BAD!! Usually, you feel pain during massage = your body is not good. Further more, I was told by my therapist that I need to fix my Scoliosis problem. =(

Then, we went to have a quick lunch at the hotel.

Then, we decided to pay a visit to the Mansion. No, they decided with ME disagreeing. But, I lost, so I had to pay that freaking hard earned 13bucks to this Mansion. I think it is haunted, was so scared and I had to keep holding SuYin all the time. I didn’t dare to talk or comment, as I was told that if THEY don’t like it, THEY will scare me, so I kept quiet.

Finally DONE with the so damn huge mansion, then we found SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING –> We saw this walk way towards our spa place. In short, we didn’t have to PAY that tamade 13bucks if we WALKED from the spa place, instead of DRIVING from one car park to another car park. *SHIATZ*

Enough. Love the MODELS.

The very nice picture with the very nice hotel and with the very nice chicks… Most importantly, the very skillful photographer Ericca.

The nice nice waiting hall…

Served with tea…

Poser Audrey + Model Ericca…

Lesbian SuYin + Lesbian Ericca…

Hiao Audrey + Hiao too Suyin…

Meet the camwhores…

A very memorable girls day out. =)

No pictures of us having treatments *XXX rated*.
No pictures of the Mansion, don’t want to see anything unusual in the pictures.

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