I don’t mean to scare anyone, and I don’t mean to freak you out with my FATS and the so-not-sexy-back…

But, this is my poor little back… I have SCOLIOSIS… =(

Because of my positioning habit, bad habit!!

I now have to go to the physiotherapist to do physiotherapy treatment to it. It is just massaging and sort of PUSHING my spine back to the normal placing.

The picture shows a dotted line, it is how my spine is positioned now. And, also my RIGHT back is bigger than my left back. My therapist, Cullan said it is because the right side is working more than the left side, and this is why I feel sore on my right more often. He took this photo of it, so that I could see how it is like. And also will compare this photo with the AFTER photo in the future. Just to prove that he is not cheating my hard earned money. =(

To the kids out there, SIT up straight all the time!! Don’t do your homework on the bed like me!! I had been doing homework on my bed *with my right leg up supporting my chin with my right knee* during my schooling life, because my table was always FULL. Bad example, listen to Mommy.



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I have been looking up and down for a good online casino, as I am afraid that I would fall into some scam. But hey, see what I have found, the PRO360, it reviews online gambling sites. They started reviewing online casino since 1997, it shows all the advantages and disadvantages of every site, and also their player ratings. There are reviews about all kinds of games, including Poker, Roulette, Backjack, Slots, Carribean Stud and more. Their reviews are ranked in different categories, for example, the best online casinos, most voted for online casino, casinos with best payouts and more. It is indeed very useful!

I shall WIN some money now!


No Lifer…

If you think that I haven’t been blogging lately is because I am LAZY. Then, you are SO SO SO WRONG. I am kinda sad that I haven’t been blogging, because, I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG, which means, MY LIFE IS DEAD BORING!!


There is one good thing, I THINK my bank account is having more money, because I am not even spending. I don’t go out, I don’t go shopping, I don’t go clubbing, I don’t do anything.

My past weekend was FABULOUS!! I didn’t practically get out of my BED since Friday’s night till Sunday Evening. I only left my bed for some NEEDS, ie food and toilet, then I would hide back to the same spot.

In the end, I finished 25 episodes of Fathers and Sons *TVB series* the whole series, just a weekend. No life siaoz. I feel depressed when I don’t get to BUY SOMETHING, so last night I went to Coles to do some grocery shopping, that released a bit of my depression.


*yeay* I got my FIRST MACQUARIE pay today!! *bluek*

Let’s spend it on something…


I have to blog more, I have to GET A LIFE!!


Cellphone Tag…

Sai eh, this Nux ar, simply tag here tag there, this time lagi CELLPHONE TAG… *lame*

Erm, I am having 2 old phones now, 1 – Nokia 6230i for my Optus Prepaid, and Nokia 6280 for my Three. Technically, the Nokia 6280 doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to BabyBen. But, I snatched it from him as I wanted to go on MSN, while MY Nokia N70 was too dumb to have the MSN working properly. So…

I used to have 3 phones, as another one would be for my DiGi, but then it had been cut off and recycled, and I wonder who is using my number now.

Anyway, eh Nux, no need to write those features and nonsense, right? Everyone here knows how to use GOOGLE weh!!

Ok ler, I am a nice person, I don’t really tag people one… But, if Jojo, Abnerd, Ah X, DT, and iCalvyn would like to do, then it would be much appreciated.

*Very obvious that I am trying to make NEW ENEMIES*



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I went to a friend’s house and saw those modern metal cabinets in his house, they look SO PRETTY with so many different colors!! And most importantly, they are so strong and easy to clean!! They come in stainless steel, which makes it even better, they don’t get rusted. So, with these cabinets, we don’t have to worry about not drying them properly, as they won’t be broken like how normal wooden cabinets do.



When you see so damn many flies flying around, which means the weather is getting warmer, which means it is nearer to the SUMMER!!

I hate flies!! They are so annoying, they keep surrounding us and makes me think that I STINK, which I am not!!

While the most important thing is… Just like what happened to Luna few days ago…

A fly flew into her mouth when she was laughing, and she couldn’t puke it out as it was STUCKED in her throat… There, she ATE it…

Damn, no wonder she smells like a fly recently… And, I have been seeing flies around whenever I am out with her… *YUCKS*

I now learn to act cool, talk less, talk softer, be less humorous, SMILE but not LAUGH…


Jojo’s Beautiful Girls…

I am now in love with this song Jojo’s Beautiful Girls. The song keeps playing in my mind, just love it.

Jojo is so PRETTY + SWEET!!!!!!!!!!

Watch it on YouTube:
Jojo – Beautiful Girls


NACC Dinner…

It’s time to blog about my FIRST company dinner. It’s the NACC *National Advisers Contact Centre* Dinner held in Brisbane, so all of the NACC people flew from all states to Brisbane for the celebration. We were there to celebrate that Macquarie won the ASSIRT award AGAIN, 5 years in a row, well done!

Therefore, we could all fly to Brisbane for free hotel, free dinner and free flights, free taxi services just for the night.

Saw this when I was on the way to the airport. There was this touch screen on the taxi where you can read news, and I saw Macquarie’s news, Macquarie is taking over some internet cafe chain.

I like the theme, MAS *Macquarie Adviser Services* in 5 years time, 2012. I like the “outer space” feeling, travel to the future. We had the “planet” thing on every table.

And also all these shinning little stars on the table…

The menu of the night…

My work partner Luna, my team leader Helen, and I.

*Part of* The Melbourne girls, Celeste, Fiona, Cheree, Luna and I. I learn not to stand beside someone who is 175cm =(

Some random girl saw us taking pictures, and she wanted to take one too. I don’t know who she is though.

My best, one and only work partner. We joined the company together, we speak the Mandarin, we eat together, we do the same job… We are named as “Ericca and Luna” or “Luna and Ericca”, because people usually talk about US, not individually. We are TWINS! One FAT, one THIN.

In the end, MOST of the people were drunk because of the free flow of wine. And, there was this girl SO SO SO drunk till she threw up… Into… The TROPHY that her team won, the trophy became her BOWL…



I hate it when it comes to a situation where there are:

– Liesssss
– Witnesses
– Rumors
– Suspects
– Imaginations
– Possibilities
– And, some other things that I haven’t thought of…

It is very annoying and confusing when all the above exist together. There will be so many lies, witnesses, rumors, suspects, imaginations, possibilities and don’t know what nonsense… But, there is ONLY ONE TRUTH.

Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to know the real truth.

Sometimes, you might be mislead to think that something is the real truth which is not.

Sometimes, you might not be able to make a conclusion.

Sometimes, you might know the whole truth but not wanting to believe that’s the truth.

I JUST HATE IT!!! Maybe, everyone else too.


Nomore Atkins…

*SORRY* My fault…

I am so sorry to those who wished me GOOD luck on my Atkins diet…
I am so happy to congratulate those who wished me BAD luck on my Atkins diet…

I found a dress that I don’t have to lose my evil tummy!! Thanks to my Teri Jie, she has this NEW WITH TAG dress hanging there doing nothing, and so she is willing to lend it to me!! The best part is, that dress is not those body-hugging type, so it won’t reveal my Michelin-body!! Therefore, I don’t have to lose weight anymore… *Nah, still have to, but… It takes time*

I really had to EMERGENCY STOP this Atkins diet, I am afraid that I would have depression for continuing this kinda diet. I had been craving for SNACKS everyday, looking at chocolates, dreaming of toasts, thinking of chips, drooling at fruit juices…

Now I know I can’t live without SNACKS!! *yumyumyumyum* Best creature of earth!