No Lifer…

If you think that I haven’t been blogging lately is because I am LAZY. Then, you are SO SO SO WRONG. I am kinda sad that I haven’t been blogging, because, I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG, which means, MY LIFE IS DEAD BORING!!


There is one good thing, I THINK my bank account is having more money, because I am not even spending. I don’t go out, I don’t go shopping, I don’t go clubbing, I don’t do anything.

My past weekend was FABULOUS!! I didn’t practically get out of my BED since Friday’s night till Sunday Evening. I only left my bed for some NEEDS, ie food and toilet, then I would hide back to the same spot.

In the end, I finished 25 episodes of Fathers and Sons *TVB series* the whole series, just a weekend. No life siaoz. I feel depressed when I don’t get to BUY SOMETHING, so last night I went to Coles to do some grocery shopping, that released a bit of my depression.


*yeay* I got my FIRST MACQUARIE pay today!! *bluek*

Let’s spend it on something…


I have to blog more, I have to GET A LIFE!!

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dowan… i want to blog about my INTERESTING life *which i dont have one now*…

the main point of blogging is to… jot down those pieces in life… then in the future, i can show to my next generation =P

Well good luck finding your interesting life…

But sometimes you need to go out there and look for it and not sit and wait for it to come by.

Anyway, hope you find yours.

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