I don’t mean to scare anyone, and I don’t mean to freak you out with my FATS and the so-not-sexy-back…

But, this is my poor little back… I have SCOLIOSIS… =(

Because of my positioning habit, bad habit!!

I now have to go to the physiotherapist to do physiotherapy treatment to it. It is just massaging and sort of PUSHING my spine back to the normal placing.

The picture shows a dotted line, it is how my spine is positioned now. And, also my RIGHT back is bigger than my left back. My therapist, Cullan said it is because the right side is working more than the left side, and this is why I feel sore on my right more often. He took this photo of it, so that I could see how it is like. And also will compare this photo with the AFTER photo in the future. Just to prove that he is not cheating my hard earned money. =(

To the kids out there, SIT up straight all the time!! Don’t do your homework on the bed like me!! I had been doing homework on my bed *with my right leg up supporting my chin with my right knee* during my schooling life, because my table was always FULL. Bad example, listen to Mommy.

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50bucks per 15 minutes session…

normally it feels like… in chinese we call “sour-pain” not like PAIN PAIN… but then during the treatment is SUPER PAIN!! like PUSHING and FORCING it to go back to the right position… =(

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