Daily Pore Cleanser…

HELP!! Can someone please tell me what has happened to my J & J Daily Pore Cleanser ar? I have been looking everywhere and I can’t find them!! Has it been discontinued? I need it!!

I have been using it for years, and I like it so much!! I have tried using others, but I just don’t like them… And, I can’t afford those high class facial products from Lancome, Clinique, Shiseido, Chanel, Biotherm, SKII… So… GIVE ME BACK!! =(

Can someone please tell me where I can get them? Please please please…

It looks like this…












Stay or Leave…

As I mentioned before, I didn’t get my leave. And, I am now actually considering about changing job, for the reasons:

1. They are not nice enough to approve my leave, while I think most of the people actually get the leave that they want.

2. The pay is too low.

3. The role has no progression, I don’t think it will lead me to anywhere after 5 or 10 years. Yea, maybe I can be the team leader after 10 years.

I am thinking, maybe I should just work till January, and then resign and go for a long holiday, not too long, maybe 1 month for CNY. Then, look for another job again when I am back.

BUT, I think I haven’t found the job that I really want. I am interested in banking and finance, but not SALES, and I haven’t got any FORMAL qualifications to go for some professional roles.



Grocery Shopping…

Finally we now have a SAFEWAY near us, and therefore, we went grocery shopping TOGETHER!! I think this was the first time all 6 went grocery shopping together…

We bought almost everything, from vegetables to meats to biscuits to fruits to detergent to toilet paper to juices to beer… And, we meant it, there were A LOT!!!!


Especially the 48 rolls of toilet paper!! Because there were CHEAP!!! only 3bucks for 8 rolls!! PUREX somemore!!


Bad Bad Bad…

I am back!! Everything is fine back in Malaysia.

But, I received a BAD NEWS at work today… That my leave for CNY had been rejected!!! =( HOW SAD!!! Moodless for the whole damn day!! =(

How I wish I don’t need to work, and I can have my holidays anytime I want… OK, I know everyone wishes to be like that too… But HEY, I am not taking a long holiday also!! Only 2 weeks only mar, why lar reject me wor!!!

I am going to try again tomorrow with 1 week!! Niabeh!!!


RIP Gong Gong…

Ever since the day I left to Melbourne, incidents like this have always been within my expectation.

My grandfather passed away this morning, 12th November 2007, but I didn’t know till tonight. Things happened when I was not around. Nobody knew how to let me know. Finally, I still have to know. Once again, I hate being away.

Ticket on tomorrow 3.40pm, 3 days emergency leave.

I was told not to go back, because there is nothing that I can do. But, this is the FINAL journey that I can ever walk with him.

I have been planning to go back this coming Chinese New Year and then I will bring my whole family to take a family photo as I don’t think we have ever taken one before. But obviously, my grandfather didn’t have the patience.

THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLE, thanks for being there, thanks for everything. Especially my 2 sisters.



I WILL NEVER GO GO-KART AGAIN!!! Especially with those LOUSY drivers!!! =(

I went Go-Kart yesterday with… Too many to list, 13 in total. And I had accident, got hit till hanging on the “divider”, then got hit so many times…

I was just being a GOOD driver… Because, I didn’t speed, I braked when turning… Those BAD drivers they didn’t know how to use brake, they only know how to speed… And then hit me… =(

So now, I have got bruises on my leg and my back… A piece of skin came off from my elbow… Neck pain…



Well, I admit that I have a bad temper, quick temper… I get angry like 10 millions times a day, then I will be fine very soon. When I angry, then I release it, then I will be OK.

Not many times that I can’t let it out for some reasons, and I have to keep it in me, and then I will be angry for a LONG LONG TIME, till I feel angry about the same thing EVERYDAY.

I am very AMAZED at these people that can make me like that, they can make me swear at them with those Chinese foul words that I haven’t been using since the day I QUIT my-daily-swearing-habit long long time ago. *Since primary 2 I think*

So, B1tches and B@stards…


It will be a good ending together with a few big slaps… But since I can’t do it… I AM NOT FORGIVING YOU!!! KAN NI NEH!!!


My Credit Card…

Proudly showing off MY new credit card, yes, it’s MINE MINE MINE!! I am the principal card holder!! *I am sorry if you have multiple cards yourself, but this is my first card, so please excuse me for being over excited*

Finally, I can have my own credit card!! Let me tell you why my Macquarie Bank RateSaver Card is better than my Citibank Platinum Card…

1. I now don’t owe explanation to anyone of WHY I spend this WHY I spend that.

2. I now have higher credit limit. AUD10K instead of the tiny RM3k that my parents give me.

3. I now have a CORRECT name on my card, ERICCA instead of ERICA.

4. I now can swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe… Until burst… And nobody knows. =P

I am planning to give my parents each a supplementary card with a credit limit of RM3k, then I will start asking them “Why you buy this ar”, “Why so expensive ar”, “Wah not your money then you no need to think ar”… FUWAH, SUPER SWEET WEH THIS REVENGE!!!



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Japanese Retreat…

WOW, it’s been quite some time since my last update. Well, it was BabyBendan’s 25th birthday last Friday, we went to have a seafood dinner at LiveBait. And then, we headed to Dandenong for a 2 nights holiday. It’s at Japanese Mountain Retreat.

Well, it was 780bucks per couple for 2 nights, 2 dinners and some snacks provided. There were eggs, milk, juice, bacon, chocolate and more given to us. It was a really nice place for relaxing, a getaway.

Our bathroom with nice view, the spa was really huge and deep.

Our bed.

The dining corner on the left, with the breakfast corner at the outside.

The back garden with a pond, and also the Balinese Retreat on the far right. The Balinese one was really good, 999bucks per night per couple. I wished I could afford that.

The very fully equipped kitchen.

A very tiny refrigerator, but filled with food. =)

Very yummy Japanese dinner.

Happy BabyBendan with his dinner.

The Japanese chick wanna-be Ericca with her dinner.

Do we look like Japanese in Japanese robe?

Well, it was actually a good place to relax, so that there wasn’t anything for us to do… Thank God that we brought laptop there, so, we had a MOVIE-MARATHON, we kept watching movies non-stop.

But, we ran out of movies the next day. BabyBendan was happily reading his Harry Potter while… I was super happily playing computer games, the Treasure of The Deep. And guess what…

I finished all 113 levels in 4+ hours. VICTORY!!!


Then, the next day we went to GEELONG, yes GEELONG, to have my Hazard Perception Test in order to get my Victorian Driver’s License. That’s the only I could go because it was a public holiday in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup Day. I didn’t want to waste my day off, so… Luckily I passed… Thanks to BabyBendan for driving. *huggiez*

Now, looking forward the upcoming driving test on 27th December. I just can’t wait to drive LEGALLY!!