RIP Gong Gong…

Ever since the day I left to Melbourne, incidents like this have always been within my expectation.

My grandfather passed away this morning, 12th November 2007, but I didn’t know till tonight. Things happened when I was not around. Nobody knew how to let me know. Finally, I still have to know. Once again, I hate being away.

Ticket on tomorrow 3.40pm, 3 days emergency leave.

I was told not to go back, because there is nothing that I can do. But, this is the FINAL journey that I can ever walk with him.

I have been planning to go back this coming Chinese New Year and then I will bring my whole family to take a family photo as I don’t think we have ever taken one before. But obviously, my grandfather didn’t have the patience.

THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLE, thanks for being there, thanks for everything. Especially my 2 sisters.

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I was away when my grandpa and my second grandma passed away too…

when my grandpa passed away in spore, I was in KL, and when my parents brought me back, I still have no idea that he had passed away, I thought he was still sick in the hospital. I broke out in tears when I was brought to the funeral =’(

Be brave gal, I know it’s really really difficult for you…

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