ME ME ME…!!!

It’s all about how you want to present yourself, whether you want to show everyone the good sides, the bad sides, or the both. But, in the end, it’s still the same you.

Since you are presenting yourself, of course you will try to present the best of you. That’s a marketing skill, how to market yourself, sell yourself. But, there is some time that you can’t be bothered about your packaging anymore, that’s the time you already have your steady market share, need nomore of advertisement or promotion. Or, you are ready to give up.

No matter who I am, I hope there are still people who love me for who I am. That I can show you my real faces, that accept my bads and goods. That I can rely on when I am tired of doing my presentation.

I hope I am still energetic to show off the better me, but not ashame to admit my bads. I admit, that’s the bad me, but I am not all bad. I am still a gem to… MYSELF!!

You can choose the faces that you like to see…

*DAMN, I swear, I am going to lose that ROUND FACE!!!*

4 replies on “ME ME ME…!!!”

loklok… since you dont like to see me… i wont look for you when i am back in FEB… =P

NUX, ehhehehe… actually that’s the main purpose of the last pic… i purposely put up some intentionally made ugly pics to create the contrast… heheehhehehe =)

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