Merry Christmas!!

Well, another normal day for me again on this Christmas. As I am not a Christian, and I am no longer those young kids who like to go count down and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

But at least, I saw something that really put a smile on my face from the bottom of my heart. We sold a Nintendo Wii on ebay, and delivered to this kid’s house. When I smsed him that we were at his door, I saw him running out from the church opposite his house, and looked around for his Wii while we were actually still in the car. I am sure he is very very very happy with his gift. A gift that he had been longing for. Apparently, the Nintendo Wii is sold out everywhere is Australia, RRP in store could be AUD348 to AUD389, but there are some on ebay still bidding on almost AUD500. I think I have done something good this Christmas. I am his SANTA =)

Somehow, I miss that kinda feeling. The feeling that you want something so badly and finally you got it.

It also reminded me of my first Garfield that I received from my dad. He used to nag a lot when my mom bought my Garfield things, saying that they were useless and pricy. But one day, he bought me the very first Garfield from him. I was so so so so happy. Just because I liked it, and he wanted to make me happy.

Maybe I am old now that I don’t really want something so badly anymore. Or, I am actually waiting for something that I don’t even know what it is, probably I will know it when it comes. Or, maybe I am only missing the feeling of knowing that there is someone loves me very much.


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merry xmas 😛

yeah , true also…countdown is like so childish but i won’t mind standing beside a hot babe during new year count down…

it is only polite to hug the person next to your when the clock strikes 12 on new years day 😛

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