New Year New Job New Life…

31st December 2007, new year’s eve is meant to round up old things and welcome the new ones…

Therefore, my resignation letter went out today, 4 weeks’ notice and my last day will be 31st January 2008, and followed by 1st February MAS flight back to KL…!! People, book yourself a slot for a-date-with-ericca, NOW!!

Well, gonna enjoy my holiday and come back to look for a new CAREER, instead of just a JOB… Together with my new resolution and new achievement…

Wishing you that you have had a great 2007 and welcoming a better 2008!!

*cheers for the joy*

4 replies on “New Year New Job New Life…”

Aiks, tot u told me you were not the type to jump into the “new year, new resolutions” bandwagon?

Still, a Happy New Year all the same! But work on getting a new job pronto kay?

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