New Shoes…

I am so glad that I am no longer an impulse buyer… I don’t buy things based on the love at the first sight and then got home and regret anymore… Just because… I am soon to be jobless… In 19 days counting down…

Therefore, I took a week to decide to buy my new pair of shoes… I was so tempted to buy them when I fist saw them, they were so cute, so unique, so comfy and it was ON SALE!! 30%!! I was so afraid that I would regret after buying them, as they are so not the style that I usually like, and they are not that cheap, and they are not branded, most importantly I AM SO POOR AND JOBLESS… =(

Tried to seek opinions around, and all I got were:

– You could get 3 in KL for the same amount of money
– There are nicer ones in KL
– No brand one wor
– OK OK only
– Look like one of them that you got

Well, they made me think SO SO SO HARD… And finally I *heart* LeeLi, she told me, “Buy them if you like the design because you might not see the same design again”… FuuuUUUuUUUuuuUuu… BRILLIANT QUOTE!! Now, please pray that I won’t see the same design again for a lower price, BUT higher price CAN!

I was told that it’s similar to this pair:

Only the lacy part though… And this pair is still BRAND NEW IN BOX, because the base is too shinny till I think I will fall over in it…

My new shoes… For the price from AUD89 –> AUD62… Some unknown brand that I can’t even read the words… I just think they are cute =P

Look at the SPECIAL wedges, so adorable… And the button too! =)

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