Date Ericca List…

Weeeeeeeeeeee… All confirmed from 1st Feb 5.45am till 25th 9.35pm… Ericca is OPEN for bookings… Wakakakakkakakakaka… First come first served oh…

Those who didn’t book me one don’t hope to even see me!! =P

Also, must book me for Cameron and Top Hat also one wor… No book no go… Lalalallalalalallaa~~~

I am happy to accept bookings for FOooOOOOOOoooOOOooD hunting and Shopping sessions!! And also talk-cock-sing-song sessions… Most importantly, this session is the priority, MAHJONG!!! It can jump queue!! No matter how long deposit you have placed, once there is MAHJONG… TOO BAD!! And, deposits are NOT refundable…


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