Officially JOBLESS…

Well, had my last day at Macquarie today… Was good, everyone was shocked for the last minute news, they only got to know the news at 2pm, and still they managed to get a cake to farewell me, really appreciate that!!

Didn’t wish to leave those great people, great company… But I have to leave that ROLE… I am sure I will be back in the future again IF there is a role that I want…

I will difinitely miss all the people there!!!

And guess what, I know I have been BAD teasing FACEBOOK… But now, I think I will have to create one for the Macquarians… They have been asking me for my facebook, I was like… Erm… I don’t have one… So yea, I will be on facebook VERY SOON!!

Well, glad that I have made up my mind and I am going on HOLIDAY soon, very soon, in 26 hours!!! KUALA LUMPUR HERE I COME!!

Side note, I AM OFFICIALLY BROKE AND JOBLESS!! So, don’t ask me for any hand-letter, any macademia nuts with abalone flavour, any nougats… NOTHING!!

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