Happy Birthday!!

u leave me breathless… says:
happy birthday!!!!
. : e R i C C a : . If I could only turn back time…. says:
oi happy birthday!!

It’s fun that you have someone sharing the same birthday with you, and I do appreciate this person A LOT A LOT…

Ever since the first time we celebrated our birthday together like how many years ago, maybe around 10 years ago… I still love him as much… Miss him most of the time even we seldom talk to each other, the strong bond is still there ALWAYS…

He is my loveliest DIDI James Thong… The prettiest and sweetest baby brother…

Thanks to everyone, thanks for all the warm wishes, thanks for all the surprises…

But also some lil disappointment for people who remembered the wrong date… But well, not the first time… No more feeling for that maybe, or perhaps, expected…

At the same time, congratulation to my cousin Mimi Jiejie, she gave birth to a baby girl on 11th March, one day before my birthday…

And also BIG congrats to Je Haw for his EXCELLENT 12As SPM result SMARTIE!!!!! Hope to see you soon studying in Melbourne and join the crazy household… =)

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Hi Ericca,

Happy Happy Birthday..

woo Wooo now you’re 25.

To mind you, after 25, time flies damn fast , going forward to 30..haha.

and i’m abt to reach that big No,3 in less than 3 yrs. Blardy!.

aniwei, heeee happy birthday to u *clap clap clap*

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