Grounded @ Melbourne…

The poor Ericca has finally back to Melbourne, very unwillingly… But, she knows this won’t be long as Mommie has no say about her going back to work SOON… Maybe another year or two… No matter how bad Malaysia is gonna be, she still wanna be HOME!

Ericca LURVE KL…

A very wonderful DONKEY, thanks Sweet Heart ZhanShen!! You always know how to cheer me up, making me feel so important and treasured… And of course, turning me into a cry baby… Looking forward the soon coming up reunion!!

There is a picture of us in there… PART of my beloved ones, mean A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT to me…

THANKS to ALL that I have met, thanks for all the love, fun and memories, I feel so OUT OF THE WORLD now without you…

But now, I am watching TuDou again after 1.5 months, I could live without TuDou in KL but not in Melbourne, WHY? Very obvious, Melbourne is BORING!!!


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ermmmmmm… for holiday or stay oh? holiday can ler only for a while… if you gonna stay here… then good luck! =P

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