I was telling my mom that I was planning to take Jetstar from Melbourne to Singapore, and then I could take AirAsia or TigerAirways from Singapore to Malaysia… That would SAVE ME A FORTUNE!! Almost half of MAS price, like maybe AUD650 compared to AUD1.1K… That AUD450 could maybe give me another HK or Bangkok or Bali trip man!!

Anyway, then I asked my mom to go to Singapore to go back to KL together with me, as I would be reaching Singapore in the night and the next flight back to KL would be in the next morning, which I would not want to wait alone!!! So, I suggested mom to come to Singapore for a short trip for a few days AND go back together with me!! Such a brilliant idea!!

But something came up really funny… I cracked out laughing at the tiger/lion thingie… My mom is creative!! LionAirways!! Wooohoooo~~~~

[Update]: I was told by Jamy that there is REALLY a Lion Air, then I did a google search, and GOSH there really is one!! So, now I am confused, either I am so outdated that my mom really knows about it, or she doesn’t know about it and was trying to crack a joke?!?!?!?!? @__@

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