OMG OMG OMG, I am getting so excited that I am going to Sydney tomorrow with Suin and her friend!! It is a last minute plan that I actually asked for 3 days off from work on FRIDAY!! That was really really a last minute thing!

But it was a hard decision to make as I was supposed to participate in the basketball on Monday for the Brazil team… Yes, we are having a Private Wealth Management Olympic 2008 at work, and I am in the Brazil team… I had been waiting for the basketball event…

Well, I think Sydney should be more fun than that… At least, I will be back on Thursday for the BALLOON RACE!! That should be even more fun!!! I am so looking forward to it!!

How I wished that Suin and her friend could go to Sydney next week or so… But her friend is just a TOURIST and has to go back next week already… Just love going to work, so much fun… Even that I had to think THRICE for my holidays, it proves that working is as fun as holidaying… =P

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