I am sure SOME people will be happy reading this entry…

Well, I am now feeling even much better, because I am finally away from him, which is a good thing… Thanks to my brother, and I have no idea why he likes to talk to my brother knowing that my brother would tell me everything in the end… He has been biatching about me to my brother all the time, and keep making it a big fuss… OMG, can’t you just be more gentleman A BIT? The worst reason he said was, because HE LOVED ME MORE THAN I LOVED HIM… WAHSAI, like this also can be a valid reason ar? Geng lor, use a scale lor then… Also, he would forgive me if I actually flew back to him BEFORE he decided on the break up, what is that?

Haiihzzz… I guess it’s my turn to become disappointed at him at this point, why would one who loved me so much has turned to hate me that much?

He used to say to me that he wanted to marry me as soon as possible because HE WANTED TO BE WITH ME EVERYDAY… BUT, he told my brother that he wanted to get married is to have someone to take care of his family… HELLO? MAID KAH? And my brother told him that… “If one day you both really decided to get married, I would say NO” My brother told me that I was so lucky to be able to stay away from him… HAHAHAHAHA

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