Thankiew People…

Thanks to everyone, everyone who involved in this period, including NEW FRIENDS who just came to my chatbox to make comments and all… Maybe we should become friends? If you guys wanna leave me your contacts… =)

Of course also those who really worried about me and tried to help me… My close friends, family and relatives… You people are just so great!! =)

My crappy but helpful First Ex-BF, Esmund. Thanks for talking to me almost everyday and comforting and scolding me at the same time… HAHA, it works!! Like you said, I only come to you when I have problems, and you will never let me down… Hopefully I don’t have to talk to you anymore… BYE YOU GO AWAY! =P

Also, I must say this to CHANDLER, eh, thanks for trying to help me and also at the same time helping yourself… =P I guess I am now feeling so much better, but you are still feeling miserable huh… Don’t worry, everything will be better soon, especially you have got me as your new best friend… HAHAHAHAHHA… We fell down together, so we will stand up together too, OK? =)

Hmmm… And, this very important one, you won’t be reading this, you don’t even know about my blog, but I have to say that, because of you, my days are filled with smiles and laughters… THANK YOU!! I will give you the return that you want, that I know that you really want me to be happy =)

I am feeling so LOVED by so many people, I should be glad that I am so blessed… *muacks*

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