What Can Be Worse?

I mean seriously, I think this is the worst that I can expect to happen in my life, being jobless and loveless, that’s it… I mean, I really don’t expect myself to be homeless and foodless afterall, not that bad ok…

Now, to me, it’s the worst scenario that is happening to me!! I am officially feeling the economy downturn, as in, I am officially made redundant by the company, oh wait, is that the right word to use? Ah whatever, I was supposed to leave on the 12th of December, but now they are giving me 4 weeks notice, which mean I am made to leave on the 5th December… WTF… Only ONE WEEK difference, what the hell for? Apparently, it’s a BIG earthquake in the company, many are having the same faith…

And for loveless, I don’t have to say this, AS USUAL I would say…

But both happening together, this is something new to me!! WTF!!

Can I choose to believe that this is the MAX already? And then the GOODS will come to me already?

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