4 More Weeks…

Exactly 4 more weeks to go, 28 days… But, I am still thinking about WHO going to pick me option…

It’s been a while that this question been running in my mind…

After much thought, I guess, I will still stick to the most traditional way, MY FAMILY… Although this might not be the option that I am HOPING for… As for the sake of SAFETY, I guess I am not ready to risk… According to the law of investment, high risk high return, so, I might not get the high return in the end…

After a discussion with Chandler today, we found that this is actually related to a poker game, I am like having pocket Aces, should I go ALL-IN or should I wait for the flop…

Well, it is still hard for me to make up my mind, there are still 2 weeks for me to actually make the decision anyway… As I know myself, I change 24/7… Will see…


你總說時間還很多 你可以等我
以前我不懂得 未必明天就有以後

想念是會呼吸的痛 它活在我身上所有角落
哼你愛的歌會痛 看你的信會痛

遺憾是會呼吸的痛 它流在血液中來回滾動
後悔不貼心會痛 恨不懂你會痛


怎麼了 妳累了 說好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不說了 愛淡了 夢遠了
開心與不開心一一細數著 妳再不捨
那些愛過的感覺都太深刻 我都還記得

妳不等了 說好的 幸福呢
我錯了 淚乾了 放手了 後悔了
只是回憶的音樂盒還旋轉著 要怎麼停呢

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