Stupid Apple…

Or stupid ME?

Well, I have never seen or heard that APPLE CAN CUT one lor, seriously!! And, I saw and experienced it today!! I don’t usually like to eat apples, but I was too hungry today and I had to eat something, there were some apples in the fruit box, so I took one of them and started eating… It was so not yummy at all!! The skin was so thick, but, I couldn’t complain much, as that was the only food I could find in the office!!

After a while, my tongue was hurting!! I thought it was just a small cut that I couldn’t be bothered… But, when I saw it in the mirror, no, it wasn’t SMALL!! I saw blood coming out from that cut!! My tissue became RED in color after a few wipes, but it was still bleeding!! WTF!!

I was told that the correct ADJECTIVE to this was: CLASSIC… *niabeh*

Anyway, 23 days to go… =)

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