Well, first of all, ZOE please don’t kill me!! I am just not in the mood to do tags… Well, will do it when I am in a better mood… Sorry babe!

Moodie Moody Moodie Moody…

I just can’t believe that I am in this same SH*T again!! After so many years… I really lost count on how many times I have actually fallen for this SAME GUY!! RIDICULOUS I would say!!

I need to put a STOP, a forever STOP to this!! Nomore torturing me with the same thing over and over again PUHLEASE~~!!!!

If you want to help me, can you please tell me should I actually CONFESS for the first and the last time? And then I guess after that, I will feel so bad to face him and then I will have the courage to let go indefinitely?

Well, I guess the purpose of this confession is actually to HURT myself to destroy my own face, so that I will have a reason to leave…

One reply on “Moodie…”

Haha. Don’t worry! Of course, I won’t kill you la. ~_~

I know how the mood thing is like. But I’m glad that you sound happier in the newer entries. 🙂

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