Finally Another Update…

Call me BUSY, call me LAZY, it’s been a long while since my last update… Been doing a lot lately, enjoying life to the MAX!!!

– Met up with Jeff, went to Seremban for dinner… 13th January 2009
– Went to Genting with Claudia, Chin Hua and Gabriel… And saw AH BOY AGAIN!! 14th – 16th January 2009
– Went to Melacca with ZhanShen, Zeno, WheiMeng and 5 TECH from India… 17th – 18th January 2009
– Uncountable gambling sessions from night till morning, or from morning till night…
– Celebrated Gabriel’s birthday… 11th January 2009
– Celebrated Cousin Yuan’s birthday… 21st January 2009
– Celebrating Toh Wah’s birthday later tonight… 21st January 2009
– Holiday to Bangkok with the group booked in in March…

I am running out of time… Before I start work on the 3rd of Feb…

Pictures AGAIN!!!

Gabriel’s 30th birthday bash on 10th/11th January 2009…

Genting Trip DAY 1… 14th January 2009

Genting Trip DAY 2… 15th January 2009, no pictures taken on DAY 3 16th January 2009…

Melacca Trip… 17th January 2009 – 18th January 2009

And one last camwhore picture of mine… =P

Till then~

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