Ms Loneliness…

Yes, I have just got myself a NEW BEST FRIEND FOREVER!! Ms Loneliness…

Ever thought of that you couldn’t live without some people? I have. Ever thought of some people mean to you so much? I have. Ever thought of some people love you as much as you love yourself? I have. Ever thought of some people would never leave you? I have. In fact, all these happened before, but never last.

In the end, I just realised that nobody is worth anyone’s attention, because everyone is selfish. SELF is the only person to love.

I have decided to just do everything for myself, and be with my only best friend, Ms Loneliness. I will one day learn to live alone, without anyone, and one day I will not be bothered by anyone anymore… People just come and go, don’t feel happy when someone comes, because they won’t stay… Don’t feel sad when someone goes, because they never worth the tears…

*Ericca + Ms Loneliness hand in hand*

2 replies on “Ms Loneliness…”

do u know the reason God create gaps between our fingers? so that someone may fill up the gaps by holding your hands and accompany u in ur journey. perhaps u were not meeting the rite person in the rite timing or the someone wasn’t ur mr. destiny. U ARE NOT ALONE!

i agree but i dont agree. I agree we are all alone sometimes, but i dont agree that you want to take such path.

lonely, can be many ways but it has it own purpose of setting us somewhere for a better position. When one bird is flying high without its companion, its likely to be shoot by a ranger than flying in a formation (:

you are not alone ericca jie, i`m here too. but i just threat it like a place to grow out off.

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