Boring Long Weekend…

It’s not the first time for me complaining that I hate weekends, especially LONG WEEKENDS!!! SO BORING!!! I mean if you have something interesting to do or you are hunger for some rest, it’s good for you… But not me… =(

So, I thought KL was too boring, so I planned to go to some small towns for a change… Since David was going back to Seremban, so I decided to follow his car back to Seremban to see Yean, but she went back to her mom’s house… Then the very annoying KWEK who had been asking me to go to PD to look for him, but then ignored me when I was there… Now, I wonder whether the Melbourne-Kwek is still alive… Where we were so close and ON for everything before… I miss the OLD KWEK…

Then, in the end, I was stucked at David’s place being the so uninvited guest… But, well, it was a good experience that I was so well fed by his mother’s cooking!! For the lunch + dinner + lunch, 3 meals with 3 different types of soup!! SUPER GOOD somemore!!!! Fruits were served after every meal, desserts… I felt like I was a spoilt guest!!

Then went to play mahjong, then supper, then back to the house for some movies/series… Basically, it was a SUPER RELAXING TRIP…

Sometimes it feels good to just live with other people and to just experience their lifestyle… Pretty interesting I would say… Will try to do that more often, provided there are more OFFERS to different places… =P

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