elo elo…..the stupid pyy is back again….recently caught a flu, suspected is h1n1 cxz have every symptoms mention on the paper….but never mind i am getting well soon. hate my stupid apple juz keep on underline all my words in red….i know i am a chinaman but my stupid apple also cannot understand malaysian english….whahahaha… life is still like usual…..bc working all da time…..everyday juz work including sat!!!what a sad life…..even see a pretty chick also got no umph to go after everyday juz thinking working after work feel so damn tired, no clubbing no more bar hopping no more strip club no more crazy nite out….miss my college life……so sad man… my best friend is my comp n my xbox…oh ya…..when i was tired i lay on my bed n watch my 42 inch tv when i got bored i play my xbox….when i wanna tok to some1 i go hav a dinner with my old pal….wat a robotic life….hehehe….

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