in mind there is always a person…..cant forget…..thats the reason i been single for so long…..cant hav a new relationship….am i the man who live in the past or i miss the past too much or maybe i juz havent met the right person…..luv is complicated….sometimes is juz purely luck….wish i could forget the past and start my new life….pls giv me strength….i still dream tat u will b bak but actually u r not…how could i still hav this fantasy? am i mad or crazy or problem wit my mind??? for those couple cherish what u hav now, its been like a phobia for me to get into another relationship, maybe i will be a bachelor for my whole life….lol…meet a person, whom juz purely my customer, but somehow he can juz manage to read by my look….his advice to me dun fell to much in gf n bf stuff….lol tats true but what can i do, i m human, i hav feeling…..feeling is hard to control….i ll try….not to think abt her…bless me……to fight this war, well i think this is my weakest part, a person feeling, no matter normal fren, closed buddy, gf…..well juz felt too deep…..xoxo

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