Idiot Part II

Well, obviously everyone was waiting for HIS reply, wondering what he would reply, and yes he did reply… But in a super POINT-LESS way… Just like arguing with no point… For example, you are a slut, you are a biatch, you are stupid… Just blabbing childishly… And thus, I didn’t reply him again, winning him is just so not proud… BAH…

I wonder what will happen if I ask him “Why don’t you slap her to wake her up?” on his wife’s death and then telling him it’s just a JOKE… And then, “If your wife knew that her husband was behaving worse *OMG THAT OLD MAN USED WORST INSTEAD OF WORSE IN THIS CASE, GO LEARN YOUR STANDARD 3 ENGLISH* than a b@stard, I guess she would chop her head off and be a head-less ghost”… Freaking nonsense pointless argument where I seriously not wanting to reply… Just doing it for the sake of fun here… BUAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA… Because this is MY BLOG!

UPDATE: This Jason even had the same kind of war with a kid… OMG… I think the age gap between them 2 is actually 20 years OR MORE…

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