The Magical Moment is Back!!

It was a great effort to make this work again! The upgrading was so complicated to an IT CACATED PIG like me, those codes are just like alien language to me, but now WE ARE BACK!! A big thank you to AMIRUL, superb support from!!

Well, life is as usual, work and home are the standard routines. But, I am lucky enough to have found a new group of people who are fun and nice to hangout with recently. I think, I somehow have this weird LUCK that I can click easily with new people and then get close really quickly. Then, like what the phrase says, easy come easy go. People around me come and go easily, those who stay don’t really stay too, sometimes. But hey, who cares right, as I always say, the future is so unpredictable, might as well just enjoy the current happiness to the max!!!!!!!

The Bukit Merah trip with 11 people was a great great trip. Fun and new friends, and not to forget, DRAMAS too!! Waiting for the next trip!! *wooohoooooo*

And another NEWS to OUR GANG, someone is getting married, FINALLY the first one!! And, a surprise I would say. Well, I shall wait for more details about it.

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Welcome back to blogging world! I’m happy to be able to help you 🙂

The upgrade wasn’t that painful ain’t it? click here and there fill in the blank like primary school exam and its all done 🙂

ER… no Amirul, I tried to use the FANsomething as what you told me to, but it created a new DB, I actually wanted the new one to use the same old DB as before, so I actually downloaded the b2 files and did everything from scratch!! Super painful~ HAHA, but the fruit is sweet~~~~!!! Thanks for the patience for guiding the NOOBie me… =______=

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