超好看!!!! 已經很久很久沒有一部劇可以讓我有這種感覺了!! 超感動超可愛!!!

也很謝謝它讓我有了發洩的機會. 心情一直很低落, 看了這部劇卻給了我哭的借口. 心疼, 感動, 幸福, 都湧上了心頭, 眼淚, 也跟著湧了出來. 原來, 看劇是真的可以療傷的, 心情好多了.

只是, 增添了期待的心情.


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PMS Again!!

Well, although my PMS might come more than once a month or few times a month, it’s still pretty torturing, because this is not the normal PHYSICAL PMS, but my abnormal MENTAL PMS.

I am always aimless in life, and nothing really making me happy. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.

And, the person that always puts me down is still the same person, after this long, MYSELF. My imagination has been lying to me about everything, and I have been innocently believing and hoping. But, ALL FAILED. Thus, the disappointments, countless.

I guess, I have not been blogging much, because there isn’t interesting thing, and I do not like this new look of my blog, BUT I am lazy and not having much time to create a new good look for it. Will leave it as it is for now, to suit my mood, boring looking blog and its boring owner. HAHAHA.

Having too much in mind, no chance to pour out, no listener, not knowing where to start. Too much, and my mind is going to blow up soon. I can see the disaster coming, the volcano is going to erupt soon.

I need a good cry, a good drunken moment, a good pour out.

Maybe I need a BF. But, I am not ready to get one yet. DAMN.