Whei Meng’s Wedding

Finally it had ended with fun and joy, after a long time of preparation. And now, it seems to be a bit clueless, looking for something new to be looking forward to…

A 3 days trip up to Penang, we as the ARMY HENGDAIS to help Whei Meng to rescue his bride Li San from the INSANE TERRORISTS. The games were really crazy, including paintball shots, drinking VERY SPICY drinks, LOTS of alcohol and searching for I LOVE YOU labels from a mysterious tub and apparently, there were frogs in there!! OMG!! However, the army managed to accomplish the mission nicely.

The dinner was also held at a great hotel, E & O, it was a very old hotel, a good place for photo shooting. The night got crazy when the revenge between the ARMY and the TERRORISTS started. Jugs and Jugs of BEER + WINE + WHISKY. And finally everyone was tipsy, then embarrassment happened!! I was commenting on this guy, that he looks cute. Then, my GOOD FRIENDS started trying to introduce him to me, match making, and the worst, they told him that I LIKE HIM… OMG, it was so damn freaking embarrassing!! I guess, sometimes some comments are best to keep within ourselves… =_______________=

Then we headed to the club opposite to continue partying and drinking…

Nonetheless, it was a good night!

LASTLY, happy marriage Mr and Mrs Wong and live happily ever after~!!

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