New Life…

Finally, I have this time to update my lil blog here after wanting to blog about so many things for so long.

First of all, the decision that I mentioned in my previous post was that I quitted my job in Citi on 2th April, which was last Friday, my last day there. Well, I didn’t want anyone to know about my leave, but apparently there were many broadcasters in the department and I had no idea how did they get to know about the NEWS. So, the only thing I could HIDE was my actual last day. But, there were A FEW who knew about it as I discussed with them about this new change, and also because they were my team members so they had to know in order to plan for the work allocation. I actually started to clear off my things and bringing them home 2 weeks before. On my last day, I was supposed to have breakfast with those few who knew about it but then I got a SURPRISE that there were more people than I expected. Thanks to PIA who pandai-pandai went to tell those people and that really pissed me off by spoiling my plan of LEAVING QUIETLY. I was so angry that I told him off real bad at the café. I understand her intention but not when I told all of them NEVER TRY TO DO THIS for like gazillions times. I didn’t want to create any drama and most importantly, I didn’t want to CRY, which I knew I would if it ended like any normal last day + photos taking + farewell. However, I still managed to leave quietly by leaving my bag to Terry, who was in another department, and with my pillows on the desk and also with my computer on, and pretended to walk around without the intention to leave. But, I left. Then, I texted Pia my password in order to help me to log off my computer. HAHA, SMART HEY! Who cares about being caught for password sharing while that was my last day?

And then, I actually went back on Saturday to pack some leftover things and also to distribute my farewell gifts to them, which then later commented by YY *one of my ex-colleagues in Citi* as a MICE ACT and NOT YING!! *chehhhhzzzz* BAH, I really miss those lame people!! They must be missing me too and I guess the office must be damn quiet now!!


Yes!!! Finally I get to work part time!! I have always wanting to work part time for FUN. As I think that my fulltime job was too dull and boring and most importantly I didn’t know what to do during any free time. As many may know, I am already sick of those normal-weekend-routine-activities like eating, drinking, movie-ing, shopping… AND OF COURSE I NEED MORE MONEY!! To buy more BAGS!! I can no longer afford to buy bags with my MALAYSIAN SALARY * now I MISS MY PAY IN AUSSIE DOLLARS*!! But then I didn’t get to work all these whiles because I was so damn busy with my previous job that I had no flexibility in time. Imagine, I worked almost 9am – 8pm everyday and sometimes even up to 10.30pm and had to be ready to work on Saturdays and even public holidays when required. That was really NO LIFE!!

Now, I got myself this COOL part time job, a FUN JOB and with good pay too!! I am still learning, hopefully I won’t disappoint all my SUPPORTERS, be it mentally or physically.


Today is my 3rd day of this 1 week training thing for my new role. And then I will have to start working next week onwards. It’s kinda scary though. Well, wish me luck!


And, I have been very depressed these few days, as MY BLARDEE MODEM IS DEAD!! And, stupid STREAMYX is taking forever to process my upgrade, so that I am still waiting for my new modem. The life without internet is so sad!! I can now online with my bro’s MAXIS when he is out, so poor thing. Or, I would have to use my iphone to do internet tethering, and be surprised when the bill comes. *wooohooooo*


Dear Kor,

Hope you get to read this *if you are still reading*.

This blog has quite a BIG PART of you in here. You appeared in here quite a few times with all your advices, your help and even your GIFTS throughout these years. KOR and student exchange are still safe with me. You saw me fall, you helped me grow. I really really do appreciate you for everything and really thankful that I have met you in my life because I am just a random ABNORMAL person on earth, yet you have showered me with unconditional love and care, be there for me whenever I needed you. It’s amazing how we met, how we shared our lives with hundreds of emails, how we got this close… Everything about US is just so unbelievable. I may not be able to do anything for you but I hope that you treasure this friendship, and will still continue. =)

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errr… if you read properly, i did mention that i do internet tethering, BUT i am not sure about how they gonna use up my data… =(

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