Mood swing days..

Am having mood swing these few days,including now…i got no idea why does my mood comes in bad in a suddent within these few days!! :| i’ve been thinking too much on lots of stuffs..esp those impossible thingy,ridiculous thingy,my current job,the so call buddies etc..When i look back,i found that i’ve tried so much new thingies in between my 22 years life!Including keep on changing my career as i could learn so many things from my new buddy,a boss and lots of friends who has hardly teaching and helping me out of the minor of danger..yeah…i keep on changing myself..trying to improve myself from such of things i learn..but its doesn’t seems to changing my personal lifestyle at was too boring of my life..i felt that i couldn’t breathe one day till i heck off myself,and i still need to go through it…go on go on and just go on everyday just like this..i don’t seem to be self improvement are having on my hand/in my mind!Hence till the day i can’t control myself alr,my mood are starting to swinging around..surrounding all the stuff i met i had the sense to tell me that the BAD one seems like coming on my way to shockling me..
i have no guts to prove that am not scarry at all,not needed to care about that,coz my mind are starting to think about alot of things..alot of consequence comes together with my moody..and act,i can’t make it easier all the while i’ve face before,i feel upset about myself,trying to discourage myself to prove that someone are perfect than me,i got no point to say anything at all but just … i need someone to guide me through..:|

i belief that no ones would be controlling of their own life,but still i belief that humans are the one who handling of their way to the life :)

* Is life are perfect?someone said “YES” but someone said “NO”! so what would you be? would you be the “YES” or be the “NO” ? *


A N3wB!3 ~ ! ~


Hiya..ya..ya..ya.. :) am a Newbie i mean in &#59;)Thanks to my pretty lovely aunty ericca ( opps!:P shud be Pretty Lovely gurl ler..:lalala: ) invited me to join in this bladdy~~ aha..i dunno whats that about also..haha coz..ok first time to touch these..soo ebibody –> “duo duo ji gao” !! ^_~

~~neeway,still have to make a greeting first..wishing all of you having a prosperous new year,may all your dream comes true and happy belated valentines day :)

.. Back to busy mode ..

erm...nth to say..