Happy New Year 2012!!

All out of a sudden, I thought of my dear magicland here. My bad, that I have unintentionally abandoned you for this long. Ah well, what to do… Life has been busy and boring, thus, nothing much is interesting…

It’s 2012, another year has passed and the Dragon year is just around the corner, very near… Hoping that this new Dragon year can bring better lucks to myself, and all of us… A better economy out there, I NEED MORE MONEY!! Money is always not enough ever since I started working back in Malaysia… The pay is just too low for the sky high living costs here in Kuala Lumpur… I miss AUD… But, I am really glad that I am home, the place where I call HOME =)

I shall continue to enjoy my boring, busy, poor… But happy life… =)

Happy New Year~!!! *I must be the only reader now* teeeeeheeeeeeheeeeee~!!!

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