Wonderful Life…

Wonderful Life, I am so loving it, this is the MOST NICEST Korean Drama that I have watched. I mean, others are nice too, but the story lines are mostly about LOVE. This Wonderful Life is a bit different by having a cute little girl, Shin Bi being sick in it. She is very very adorable, and I have to admit that she is a born actress!!! She is so young yet she is so good in acting.

I am sure everyone loves her!! I wish that she is my sister, she is my relative, she is my friend’s daughter, or maybe my daughter~~~~ So that I can play with her all the time!!


Mac Games…

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My friend has just got himself a new MAC ibook, and he was searching for games on the internet crazily. This is because he is a game freak. All out of a sudden, he screamed. Yes, he finally found this website with lots of downloadable MAC games, they are pretty cute too. Get yourself some good games for your MAC from


Give Seats?

I am always confused, I am always not sure whether I should give my seat to some people on public transport.

Like I saw it happened the other day that this lady trying to give her seat to this middle-age man, but he refused. So she had to add another line by saying “I don’t mean that you are old.”

Sometimes, they are happy to take your seats and think that you are a nice person. But, sometimes they will just get upset thinking that you think that they are old.

Because of all these confusions, I always think that I should just stand no matter what. Unless there is nobody standing, else I won’t stand there like an idiot with 10 millions seats available.



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I remember there was once when I had to repaint the wall when I took out some mirrors from it. Those mirrors were pasted to the wall by some tapes, so the paint came off when I took of the mirrors. So, I had to go out to get some paint. But, I didn’t know that there were so many different types of paint, even different types of white paint. I had no idea which to get, so I got the one that I thought it was. Obviously, I found out that it was not right one, and it was not even close. In the end, very fortunately that I found the closest one and I painted it with my mind thinking it’s easy as coloring the wall. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as what I thought, the paint eventually became patches on the wall and it looked very ugly with the uneven color. I gave up. Mission failed. In the end, I paid 200 bucks to get it fixed.

Knowledge is power
, we should learn more about everything, especially fixing our own things. I am now learning from, there are articles and a forum with a huge number of members that I can seek help from. Further more, there is also the DoItYourself DVD, it helps a lot on our home improvement projects. Weatherize your home together with


Mahjong Again…

Finally, I am playing mahjong again after so long. Not that long maybe, but at least 3 months I think.

It was a quiet Friday’s night, nobody would be at home as usual. Babybendan went out to enjoy his once a week night out with his friends. So, I went out to have outing with my friends too. We had dinner at this place with Audrey, Denis, SuYin, Jaslyn, Jessica, Koala, Terry and I. Then, all of us *beside Audrey and Denis* went to have a drink and relaxing a bit at the Sofitel Hotel, sang along with their live band.

It was a bit boring and slow. Jaslyn, Jessica and Suyin went home after that. Terry, Koala and I decided to play mahjong!! Obviously, they both are good mahjong players because they are freaking Hongkies, it’s just that I had to teach them some different rules as Malaysian mahjong is different from theirs.

6am, we ended the game.

Boring Friday’s night.


Ski Yogurt…

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Do you know where the lucky place for fruit is? I KNOW! It’s the Ski Yogurt! They have recently come up with a new website, which I think is really cool!

I started laughing when I saw the ‘Unlucky Fruit’ sitting in the corner because they didn’t get to end up in Ski Yogurt. Because they are ugly! Those videos about Ski Lucky Fruit TV ads and Pulped Fruit are really creative!! And when you look at the lucky fruit, you feel hungry for a moment; they look so yummy and make me hungry even through the screen. Get yourself a FREE fruit screen saver; make your computer screen healthy.

The website even comes with the Fruit Trivia, it is a competition, join if you think you know your fruit well enough. I tried, but I scored badly, 3/10!! I will practice more!!



Finally, PICHAS are here!!

Trip summary:
SuYin, Audrey and Ericca went for a day spa tour at LeSpa.
The Sofitel Mansion Hotel, Werribee Park (
on 16/09/2007.
Each had 1.5 hours treatment for AUD175.
AUD150 lunch for 3, chips, main, dessert, red wine.
STUPID entrance fee to the Mansion for AUD13 each.
Total damage: AUD 238 per person.

The spa was great, we got to use the pool and the steam before the treatment. Then, SuYin and Audrey went for a Rejuvenating Pearl and Kelp Full Body Wrap, in order to have a smooth smooth skin to seduce I don’t know who. While I went for a Remedial Massage, as I needed some massage for my tired body, it was good but PAINFUL!! That means BAD!! Usually, you feel pain during massage = your body is not good. Further more, I was told by my therapist that I need to fix my Scoliosis problem. =(

Then, we went to have a quick lunch at the hotel.

Then, we decided to pay a visit to the Mansion. No, they decided with ME disagreeing. But, I lost, so I had to pay that freaking hard earned 13bucks to this Mansion. I think it is haunted, was so scared and I had to keep holding SuYin all the time. I didn’t dare to talk or comment, as I was told that if THEY don’t like it, THEY will scare me, so I kept quiet.

Finally DONE with the so damn huge mansion, then we found SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING –> We saw this walk way towards our spa place. In short, we didn’t have to PAY that tamade 13bucks if we WALKED from the spa place, instead of DRIVING from one car park to another car park. *SHIATZ*

Enough. Love the MODELS.

The very nice picture with the very nice hotel and with the very nice chicks… Most importantly, the very skillful photographer Ericca.

The nice nice waiting hall…

Served with tea…

Poser Audrey + Model Ericca…

Lesbian SuYin + Lesbian Ericca…

Hiao Audrey + Hiao too Suyin…

Meet the camwhores…

A very memorable girls day out. =)

No pictures of us having treatments *XXX rated*.
No pictures of the Mansion, don’t want to see anything unusual in the pictures.


Effort & Hard Work…

Hmmmm… My effort and hard work has been recognised by the company, therefore, they are offering me the full time role. So, what do you think I should do? CELEBRATE man!!! How to celebrate? SHOPPING of course!!

Ok, I think I should buy myself a nicer bag to work as a full time employee… *muahahahahahhahahahahahha* I know it’s a pretty lame excuse to buy more bags, but… Although it is LAME, it is still a REASON, right?

Any suggestion? I am looking for a… Bag that can fit my phones, wallets and most importantly LUNCH BOX!! And, I want something like a TOTE, hand held, not a shoulder bag… Erm, also something SIMPLE, not colorful, not too many chains… Can bring to work, can bring to shopping, not too FORMAL, not too CASUAL… Most importantly, not too EXPENSIVE!! As I said, my pay is now lower, so I can’t afford expensive bags… =(

Probably someone is going to tell me to CUSTOM MAKE one…

I still will try my luck… =P



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It’s the time of the year again; many of my friends are struggling for their thesis, projects, assignments, proposals. I wish that I could help out a little, but I don’t have the time, and most importantly, I haven’t been to classes for quite sometime and I have forgotten about everything.

But, at least I have found them a good helper, the How lucky!! They are providing free masters thesis proposals!! So you can save more time on researching and also save more time for revision. Besides, it is guaranteed plagiarism free, you will never get caught plagiarizing. I am jealous!! Why didn’t I find this out when I was still studying…


Damn TAXI Driver!!

OMG, I almost got killed!!… Directly by SO MANY PEOPLE hitting their bodies to me, and most importantly INDIRECTLY by this IDIOT TAXI DRIVER!!!

The story went like this…

I was happily going home on a tram, and as usual, I was standing behind the driver.

Because I like to look at how they DRIVING by only pulling the yellow accelerator and also pressing buttons, SO EASY!! They should hire me, as I know how to pull the yellow thing, and I know how to press buttons too!!

Back to the story… SUDDENLY, the tram driver STOPPED the tram, as in not moving at all, and it was an emergency stop. So, all those people stacking in front of me, hitting me with their sexy bodies. All stacking like a hamburger.


Because this BLARDEE HELL taxi driver did a U-Turn RIGHT IN FRONT of a moving tram, so the tram had to stop, else it would hit the damn taxi!! MA DE!! So irresponsible!! Luckily someone has noted down his number plate and NO, we don’t want to see this taxi on the road anymore!! He should lose his job!! IDIOT!!