So quiet…

everything seems so quiet these days… i just cant seem to get myself adapted into a HAPPY environment… hopefully soon i can get back to my normal life after moving into my new home… there will be more people to talk to and merrier…

i used to be very happy chatting online all days and nights non-stop… but now… my brain seems to be so empty and i have no mood to chat so much… i couldnt stand it when it is so quiet and lonely… when i was alone on the way out, i kept thinking of her and my tears falling… damn, i cant do anything, i can only keep myself busy busy busy, stop thinking, stay in a noisy environment and all…

and there is someone that i feel secured with, every moment that i am with someone, it makes me feeling so comfortable and no worries at all… but whenever i am not with someone, i start feeling miserable, lonely, helpless, i even couldnt sleep well without someone… and i miss someone so badly… although someone has no special relationship with me, someone seems so important to me…

from now onwards, i have learnt a lesson, never wait a minute to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ or show how much you care to anyone that you love… i already told my family that i love them… i already told my buddies that i love them… and so… i told someone that i love someone too… =)

I hope that…
Ilaria is living happily in Heaven now…
everyone is staying with their loved ones…
everything will be fine soon…




Im gonna see you in a while, will try my best to say last good bye to you without any tears.



Rest in peace…

it’s a bad news… ilaria is no longer with us anymore… we will love you and miss you… forever…

although we were not that close, i still enjoy being your friend… you were such a cheerful girl, cute, and nice… it’s just too surprised that you chose this way to end up your life… i didnt know what had happened… but i am sure that you were very unhappy till this extent… girl, i respect your decision…

i am regret that i didnt manage to give you a testimonial on friendster, i wanted to but i thought of there was still time for me to do so in the future… but…

Ilaria, you will always be in our hearts, no matter what… your msn will forever be offline from now on… i hope you are happier with the way you are now… *LOVE YA*



very very unlucky… at first met the stupid MAS officer who weighted our luggages wrongly and it made us suffer like mad digging the luggages in the public to find what to take out, and the 2kgs mahjong wasnt allowed to come along… *donkey* then i had problem with my hand luggage’s handle!! damn it man!! it’s a NEW one!! first time using it and now the handle already malfunction!! *damn* i couldnt sleep well on the 7hours+ flight!! *suffer* then gotta queue like 3kms long to declare my stuffs, and thank god everything went through, my BOYBOY’s butt is still so nice… and yes, i am back at the boring place… MELBOURNE!!

seeing all these unlucky things happening to me, maybe it is showing that i am NOT supposed to be back!! *WTF* let’s go back~ =P it’ saturday, and i couldnt do anything much, the only thing i could do is… REST!!! yea, i had a good sleep!! and yea i already settled the rental for my NEW HOUSE!! i am no longer homeless… gonna shift in on monday… but HEY, i still need to settle my uni stuffs… *arrghhhh* WHY WHY WHY!! how nice if i am in malaysia, sleeping on my lovely pinky bed in my cutie pinky room everyday doing nothing and need not to worry about all these stuffs…

anyway, thanks for Zeno and Loklok for sending me off… *muacks* and also… thankx loklok for the nice nice bracelet wor… =) hehe…

thank loklok~~ *bibi muacks loklok*


Zouk’s pic

Here comes the only pic that 5 of us took!! it was in front of Zouk after clubbing… and… look at the 2 drunkards… ahhahahaha~~


Me Backie…

*tired* just got back from my wonderful trip last night… damn exhausted!! it’s a fun trip with laughters all days and nights… thanks people!! it’s great!!

well, beside the cute people that i had with me, i also bought something for myself!! yeah~~ a BLUSHER from red earth that i couldnt find it here in msia… *good* and also my new LOVER – my BOYBOY… kekekekekeke~~ he is so damn adorable… i am just too much in love with him now… *muacks*

oh yea, and finally i went to ZOUK!! the infamous zouk lar what else… what can i say… hmm… it’s REALLY BIG!! and PACKED!! a lot of Kwai Lous there… erm… but i dont really like it… hahahahahahaha… the music was SO SO or maybe it was because that i wasnt allowed to get into Velvet the trance place just because that i am under 23 years old!!! *arghhh* by the way, at least now i know it… kekeke… and the most MEMORABLE thing was… we, the 5 of us took a pic in front of zouk together… and yea that’s the ONLY pic… coz… there was someone very SMART, he brought a camera but with an empty battery without bringing a charger also… WOOHOOO… wasnt he very the smart? *applause* =P

hmmm… let’s share a few pics taken with my phone…

took this after coming back from zouk… looking a bit blur and tired… hahahahahaha~

me and my BOYBOY the PINK ASTRO BOY!! mayvis and her BLUE TOTORO~

introducing the lengjaiz in the house!! – BOY BOY – *muacks*


Bloody Tired !!!~~~


I’m LATE LATE LATE for work yet again …..
darn …….

This whole furking WeeK is soooooooooo tiring …….
Man …….. Why do people need to work ?
Everyone should be RICH and Retired !!!

Man, I wished I’m in my retirement now …..
Everyday should be a play day what …..
Enjoying my life to da fullest !!!

Work What Chat ler …….

I HATE work !!! :crazy:



FINALLY i am visiting Singapore again after… erm… *counting* 10 years… WHAT THE… damn long right!! alright this time 5 of us, my 100% and i are going together!! wooohooo~~ another trip of us after the new year’s genting trip, that’s making me so damn excited… kekekekekekeke…

but as for this time, we are on a BUDGET trip, everyone is broke!! damn!! no money but still wanna go travel… ekkeekkeke… who cares~~~ and i am on a very very very super tight schedule, as i will be leaving back to melbourne on friday’s night, only a week left but still going to singapore, my mom sounded me… kekekekeke~ i bet we are going to visit ZOUK and shopping and absolutely NO visiting to those dont know what centres, dont know what gardens, dont know what parks… *thankiew*

i will be leaving tonight… so, people dont miss me too much ok… kekekeke… please wish me a happy and safe journey too yea!! or maybe you can wish me to get a bf there also lar!!! *in 3 days? canggih* ahhahahaha…

oh yea, my prettiest teri jiejie is going back to melbourne tonight… SAFE JOURNEY ok!! remember to keep the house clean clean yea, then yuan and i will be back SOON~~

and yea, i have just scanned these 2 pics, they are now looking SO CLEAR than those before… =) *cheers*

p/s: hey, i have found this blog very FUNNY!! feel free to get some laughters from this CUTE DOCTOR *HAVE FUN* =)


Exam Gone…

i just had my ONLY paper today… not that bad… but i was SO DAMN sleepie while i was doing the paper… those words in front of me were floating on the paper and moving here and there… my godzzz… so blur man!!! and my eyes kept going smaller and smaller from time to time… those numbers that i was counting went like alien figures to me… *damn* i tried so hard to concentrate and do all the calculations carefully… hopefully there wasnt any SILLY mistake ler… *pray*

luckily i was fast enough to finish the paper half an hour before it was ended… the first thing i did was redo all the calculations, in order to reduce silly mistakes… then still around 15 minutes left… GOOD!! *pooop* and i went on resting my MILLIONS KGS head on the table and went on dreaming edi… till the lecturer announced that the exam had ended, i woke up and still feeling damn blur… but still gotta move my butt to go home…

and thank god that i didnt need to wait long for zhanshen to come over… his timing was good… a great thank to zhanshen and wheimeng for waiting for me from 1pm till 430pm wor… *arigato* told ya… my BFS are the best!! =P

it’s the end of my summer course and it’s also time to prepare for the coming new semester… hmmm… time to pack… to get myself back to the god damn boring MELBOURNE!! i am gonna miss KL loads… arrghh… i hate packing… can someone please help me?


Mood swing days..

Am having mood swing these few days,including now…i got no idea why does my mood comes in bad in a suddent within these few days!! :| i’ve been thinking too much on lots of stuffs..esp those impossible thingy,ridiculous thingy,my current job,the so call buddies etc..When i look back,i found that i’ve tried so much new thingies in between my 22 years life!Including keep on changing my career as i could learn so many things from my new buddy,a boss and lots of friends who has hardly teaching and helping me out of the minor of danger..yeah…i keep on changing myself..trying to improve myself from such of things i learn..but its doesn’t seems to changing my personal lifestyle at was too boring of my life..i felt that i couldn’t breathe one day till i heck off myself,and i still need to go through it…go on go on and just go on everyday just like this..i don’t seem to be self improvement are having on my hand/in my mind!Hence till the day i can’t control myself alr,my mood are starting to swinging around..surrounding all the stuff i met i had the sense to tell me that the BAD one seems like coming on my way to shockling me..
i have no guts to prove that am not scarry at all,not needed to care about that,coz my mind are starting to think about alot of things..alot of consequence comes together with my moody..and act,i can’t make it easier all the while i’ve face before,i feel upset about myself,trying to discourage myself to prove that someone are perfect than me,i got no point to say anything at all but just … i need someone to guide me through..:|

i belief that no ones would be controlling of their own life,but still i belief that humans are the one who handling of their way to the life :)

* Is life are perfect?someone said “YES” but someone said “NO”! so what would you be? would you be the “YES” or be the “NO” ? *