very very unlucky… at first met the stupid MAS officer who weighted our luggages wrongly and it made us suffer like mad digging the luggages in the public to find what to take out, and the 2kgs mahjong wasnt allowed to come along… *donkey* then i had problem with my hand luggage’s handle!! damn it man!! it’s a NEW one!! first time using it and now the handle already malfunction!! *damn* i couldnt sleep well on the 7hours+ flight!! *suffer* then gotta queue like 3kms long to declare my stuffs, and thank god everything went through, my BOYBOY’s butt is still so nice… and yes, i am back at the boring place… MELBOURNE!!

seeing all these unlucky things happening to me, maybe it is showing that i am NOT supposed to be back!! *WTF* let’s go back~ =P it’ saturday, and i couldnt do anything much, the only thing i could do is… REST!!! yea, i had a good sleep!! and yea i already settled the rental for my NEW HOUSE!! i am no longer homeless… gonna shift in on monday… but HEY, i still need to settle my uni stuffs… *arrghhhh* WHY WHY WHY!! how nice if i am in malaysia, sleeping on my lovely pinky bed in my cutie pinky room everyday doing nothing and need not to worry about all these stuffs…

anyway, thanks for Zeno and Loklok for sending me off… *muacks* and also… thankx loklok for the nice nice bracelet wor… =) hehe…

thank loklok~~ *bibi muacks loklok*

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