New Player In Town

SienZ ……

Finally I made up my own bloggie …. kekekekeke …….
everyday just reading Chin Vian Yee’s bloggie ……

I’ve been itching to setup my own bloggie ….. but laziness still rules over me ……. hehehehehe …… finally …. sienz sienz tei y’day at office …… I spent a few hours …… mixing up the formular to come up wif my own bloggie …….

doubt it’ll be as popular as caca’s one ….. but heck …… I’m still happie to have my own blog …… *kiasu* …. hahahahahaha …..

Version 1.0 izzssss out …. see when free, I’ll enhance the interface ….. it looks plain simple now …. like caca’s =P

here’s my bloggie …..


a long waited blog from pyy

Maybe every1 is wondering where’s the pyy went to since he din post any blog for a long long time, whers the hell is the stupid boy been to? Well, the reason is I have been into my final, moving house, packing my my bags to back to kl, and now I m in kl sitting in 1u coffee bean, listening my blues mp3 and typing this blog…..solli guys…..well maybe no one miss me as well ahahhahha…..when back to my home country I feel so uncomfortable, maybe I juz used to american life, well the weather make me serioiusly irritating……so humid n hot, can’t stand for the first few days, and here are so diff in usa, well my fren ask me if I got a choice will I choose to stay in usa or malaysia, before I came back my answer is kl but after I m back my mind my thoughts has changed, I feel like american life is better, well I think everyone has been into the same situation as I am when they came back from overseas…..well I enjoy meeting my old frens, happy to see that everyone of them is doing fine and they still same as who they are….when I look around, wo I got so shocked, the gals are wearing pretty clothes but the boys still wearing the same clothes 5 yrs before, dunno y the designer din came out some serious pieces for boys…… Recently I found out a singer who is chinese but can really sing well in english songs, the tone, the soul, every voice is so touch, her song juz illustrates the loniless of city dwellers, well this is the main point of jazz…..a song writen to illutrate the loniless and emptiness of city life….tats y suburbs people won’t enjoy listening jazz….. Okey my cappo is finished is time to go …c ya guys, nex blog will be posted within a week…


In *LOVE*… (again)

hehehehe… yea yea yea!! since, Hayanna being so brave, anouncing her love story, i am here to annouce mine too!! =P

Everybody… I’m IN LOVE

oh yea, i bet… many people will give me the same reaction, which is –> *AGAIN?* hahahahaha… yes!! i am always in love and out of love, this is my life swimming in and out of the pool of love~~ =P

this time… he is a cute guy, very cute, kinda childish at times, so this makes him cute =P, but he is a matured man, responsible, humourous, helpful, friendly, funny, caring, sweet, smart, hardworking… blablabla~~ he is the man i have been looking for!!!

i admire him, i respect him, i like to talk to him, i like to look at him, i like to play with him =)

HE IS… well, i dont dare to tell… =P


Sorrie Housemates…

ooopsss… sorrie people!! i ALMOST got everyone into an accident… but luckily, it didnt happen… ok, i was actually TRYING to drive after… 5 years not driving… and i lost control!! hahhaha… thankx to robin as he managed to pull hand break for me!! =) and we are now SAFE!!

oh yea… i am so happie now!! we are now on WIRELESS!! yes yes yes, finally our wireless router is working man!! woohoo~~ and this gotta give a big hand to mr. WKKAY!! he came over to fix the stupid thingie for us!! THANKIEW!! and yea, then we spent him our home made Chicken Curry~~ =P

by the way, Ryan asked me to take a pic of Wkkay with his gloves on… so, here you go~

additional: i am here adding a joke presented by WK to me and my fellow housemates… on the way fetching him to the train station, we had this conversation…
wk: is train station called a ‘For-Che-Chiong’ in cantonese?
me: what the hell For-Che-Chiong man!!
wk: because the airport is ‘Fei-Kei-Chiong’ mar…
me: ………………………

well well, WK, a train station is called a ‘For-Che-Zham’ ok!!


I’ve been TAGGED…

hehehehe… after so long, it’s time to reply the TAGS by Zoe… else, she will KILL me soon~~!! hahahaha… but then… Dear Zoe, please dont tag me anymore, i’m lazy~ =P

First Tag:

If I could be a scientist
If I could be a farmer
If I could be a musician
If I could be a doctor
If I could be a painter
If I could be a gardener
If I could be a missionary
If I could be a chef
If I could be an architect
If I could be a linguist
If I could be a psychologist
If I could be a librarian
If I could be an athlete
If I could be a lawyer
If I could be an innkeeper
If I could be a professor
If I could be a writer
If I could be a llama-rider
If I could be a bonnie pirate
If I could be a service member
If I could be a photographer
If I could be a philanthropist
If I could be a rap artist
If I could be a child actor
If I could be a secret agent
If I could be a comedian/comedienne
If I could be a priest
If I could be a radio announcer
If I could be a phlebotomist
If I could be Paris Hilton’s stylist
If I could be a movie producer
If I could be the CEO of Microsoft
If I could be an astronaut
If I could be a world famous blogger
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world
If I could be married to any current famous political figure
If I could be a dog trainer

If I could be a chef… i would invent this Ericca’s Fried Rice which is WITHOUT EGG!! so then these people in the HUB would stop teasing me for cooking ‘FRIED RICE WITHOUT EGG = dont know how to cook’!!

If I could be a world famous blogger… i would not be blogging anymore… hahhahaha… this would just grab everyone to interrupt in my life… leave me alone!!

If I could be a writer… i would start writing my LOVE STORIES since my very first love story in KINDERGARDEN and so on and on… i am sure this would rape many TEARS!!

Second Tag:

Total volume of music files on my computer: 966

The last CD I bought was: well, i seldom buy CDs, so i could clearly remember it… it was the Daniel Chan’s CD titled “感覺貼心” in 1998 if i am not mistaken… that was when i REALLY REALLY in love with him… hahahhaa… *childish* but… i cant deny that he is very CUTE!! =)

Song playing right now: No song, i usually dont listen to any song when i am doing something… i just cant concentrate…

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
basically i listen to the songs randomly played in my winamp… and i think… they are all nice and meaningful…

Five people to whom I am passing the baton:
Joyce, my cousin in KL
Candy, my cousin in Canada
Hayanna, a Korean Lenglui in KL
BoBo, a member from BabyLand, but he is VERY naughty now!!
Danny, a Malaysian in Melbourne


Nomore 714…

wahlao… so sad when i got to know the news… =( nomore ‘forever i love’ now become 366 edi… and i dont know what’s the meaning of it… ahduh~~~ meaningless… hahahahaha… alright, coz we had to re-register the car, so that the number plate also gotta be changed…!! haihzzz… and damn man!! 800+bucks for the roadtax!! wahlaoo~~ damn poor… but at least, the car is now LEGAL!! ahhahahaha… *yea, it was ILLEGAL* =P

hmm… today i saw bernard’s car with the car plate ‘PLN’ so i asked for the meaning… he told me it was his 3 kids’ names… Phoebe, Leonard and Natalie… wahlao!!! how sweet if my dad does this to me… =) and then i asked about his wife’s name, he said it is at another car… WAHSAI~~ such a good husband and a good daddy man!! *drooling at people’s husband+daddy*

TOLD YA!! good men are all TAKEN!! =(

oh then we got mr. Frank the MOUSE-BUSTER to clear ANOTHER mouse in our house… well, this mouse was discovered few days ago and it was dead and stucked at the door for dont-know-how-long… a baby mouse… very tiny one… but nobody dare to clear it AGAIN!! so we didnt move it at all~~ till today the mouse-buster came over and… DONE!! yeah…!! now we know where to find mouse killer edi!! and he is staying near to us! yooohooo… *thankiew*


Our Baby…

*tired* after bathing our baby… it’s freaking tiring ok~~ from washing and wiping the outer body… then gotta vacuum and also wipe the innner body and the seats *phew*

i dont remember when was the previous time washing a car… was it my dad’s car or someone else’s car…? no idea at all… but i miss the FUN when my brothers and i were washing dad’s car!! playing with the water was really fun!! splashing each other with water… then the whole car porch with water… we had water war going on and even us rolling on the floor because of the soap and the slippery floor, we fell down *so childish* yea, i think the last time was during my high school days… so childish~~ lalalalallalalaa~~

oh yea, after the war, we would get scolding for… the car wasnt CLEAN at all!! as we didnt pay attention to WASH the car… hahahaha… then got scolding for making the whole garden WET!! and wasting water~~ oh well… that’s so much fun back then…

ok… we are now happy with our new family member, our LENGJAI BABY!! 1997 Mitsubshi Lancer GLi CE 2 Doors Manual with Silver Body… he is so clean now~~ and SMELLS good too… =)

i love this number, 714… forever i love…? hahaha… similar to my dad’s number, 147…

view from the right…

view from the left…


What A Car…

we were so happily driving our REPAIRED car out to have lunch today, and we even praised that it is so nice to drive and worth the 550bucks… then when we went back to the car park to get our car after the lunch, robin took out the key and wanted to deactivate the car alarm… and guess what!! he found that the BUTTONS were lost!! imagine the alarm controller, usually with the 2 buttons there but then suddenly they were lost!! duh~ the controller was cracked and the BUTTONS and stuffs in it went missing…!!! so then we gotta walk backwards searching on the floor for the missing buttons!! oh my godzzz… and luckily we found it!! else… i dont dare to imagine…

lesson: never ever praise anything!!

then i made SAGO + GULA MELAKA today again… hehehehe… i am just loving it~~ *yumyum* and also went dinner with my dearly cousin TERI and cousin ANDREA with grace and nhan~~ *VERY FULL* damn!! my diet plan GONE again!!! arrrrrgghhhh~~~~~

well… FINAL EXAM IS COMING!!! so, if you notice that i am not on msn… yea, i am TRYING to study… *but not sure whether i am studying or not* hahaha… so if there is anything, just leave me a msg here or… email me… =)


Library is KILLING ME!!


arrrggghhh… i just got an email from my library telling me this:
FINAL NOTICE Items listed are overdue. COST OF EACH
ITEM=$70. If not returned further action will be

do you think that it’s SO COOL!!! and… the SUPER COOL part is… i am having FOUR FARKING BOOKS!! 4*$70=$280… RM900?~!?~!?~?!

well… i am now… feeling so damn BROKE!! HOW!! my godzzz… i really dont know what to react now… help~~~ i didnt check my student mail that often… and i didnt know that the fine is so damn KAO!! haiihzz…



Almost There…

i am almost there!! i just handed in my tax law assignment today… not really confident ler… =( but anyway… i am going to work on my japanese assignment and audit assignment and audit test next week… then… i am ALMOST done with this busy semester!!

anyway, i am here to say THANK YOU to YOU, Victor!! =) hehee… first of all, thankx for being a 8 gong… but i like your 8-ness… ahhahahahaha~!~!~! and i am really surprised that you really put effort to help me in my assignment… hehehe… thankx ya!!

aiskz… i am back from dinner and grocery shopping AGAIN!! i hate doing grocery shopping lar!! everytime shop shop shop for RUBBISH one… see what also wanna buy… then finally i found nothing is PROPER in the house again… dont know why… i am damn bored with FOOD edi… everytime when it’s time to eat, i suffer!! coz… i dont know what to eat… and there is nothing that i really wanna eat… i even feel like puking when i look at the instant noodles~~ *yuckssss* and when out for meals, looking at the menu, really hard to choose what to eat… damn!!! actually i dont feel like eating, i dont know why… but i have to force myself to eat, as i am hungry!! WTF!! then i will start feeling to puke once after the meal~~ doink!!

*okokok, i am weird*