Sorrie Housemates…

ooopsss… sorrie people!! i ALMOST got everyone into an accident… but luckily, it didnt happen… ok, i was actually TRYING to drive after… 5 years not driving… and i lost control!! hahhaha… thankx to robin as he managed to pull hand break for me!! =) and we are now SAFE!!

oh yea… i am so happie now!! we are now on WIRELESS!! yes yes yes, finally our wireless router is working man!! woohoo~~ and this gotta give a big hand to mr. WKKAY!! he came over to fix the stupid thingie for us!! THANKIEW!! and yea, then we spent him our home made Chicken Curry~~ =P

by the way, Ryan asked me to take a pic of Wkkay with his gloves on… so, here you go~

additional: i am here adding a joke presented by WK to me and my fellow housemates… on the way fetching him to the train station, we had this conversation…
wk: is train station called a ‘For-Che-Chiong’ in cantonese?
me: what the hell For-Che-Chiong man!!
wk: because the airport is ‘Fei-Kei-Chiong’ mar…
me: ………………………

well well, WK, a train station is called a ‘For-Che-Zham’ ok!!

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