Things are getting freakier and freakier… I am seriously afraid and worried… I really wish that I have some sort of super power, or GodLike power… I wish all these didn’t happen in the first place, and please stop this, please let the curse end now, this minute…

Please protect my family, don’t harm anyone of us anymore…


I Don’t Understand…

I was told that, we have to be independent, nobody can’t live without anybody, have to learn how to live on ourselves…

So, why do we need FAMILY and FRIENDS?

Family, maybe we are just born in the family…

But friends, if a friend is an important element in my life, I don’t see a point calling this person a FRIEND… If a friend is only to have fun with and will run away from my problems, I doubt that this person deserves being named a FRIEND…

I wonder where is my… “A Shoulder to Cry On”


Tommy Page : A Shoulder to Cry On

Life is full of lots of up and downs
But the distance feels further
When it’s headed for the ground
And there’s nothing more painful
Then to let your feelings take
You down

It’s so hard to know
The way you feel inside
When there’s many thoughts
And feelings that you hide
But you might feel better
If you let me walk with you
By your side


And when you need
A shoulder to cry on
When you need
A friend to rely on
When the whole world is gone
You won’t be alone
I’ll be there
I’ll be your shoulder to cry on
I’ll be there
I’ll be your friend to rely on
When the whole world’s gone
You won’t be alone ’cause I’ll be there

All of the times
When everything is wrong
And your feeling like
There’s no use going on
You can’t give it up
I’ll help you work it out
And carry on

Side by side
With you till the end
I’ll always be the one
A shoulder to cry on continued

To firmly hold your hand
No matter what is said or done
Our love will always continue on


Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on
Everyone needs a friend to rely on
When the whole world’s gone, you won’t be alone
’cause I’ll be there
I’ll be your shoulder to cry on
I’ll be there
I’ll be the one to rely one
When the whole world’s gone, you wont be alone
’cause I’ll be there
And when the whole world is gone
You’ll always have my shoulder to cry on



OK, it’s my 26th, but I didn’t really feel like it, maybe I AM AGING!! Well, still have to thank you many people who made the effort to wanting to celebrate for me, or celebrated for me, or even by just wishing me… THANK YOU!!

I had a surprise party this year, thanks to the following people… Buffet lunch at TENJI, then to Feeling Cafe at Wangsa Maju…

Yeon and Gabriel…

But I prefer this version…
Yeon: You know the thing went like this like this like this…
Gab: =___= WTF is that…

The pregnant doll Emily and husband Brad…

WaiYen aka Fun Cheong…

The photographer of the day, David aka Korean Korkor aka McPork aka EyeCandy… And my HUGE CAKE…

My surprise was…

They got me this guy to sing FOR/WITH me… The story was, I saw this guy singing at a cafe few weeks back and I liked his singing… So, Mr Gabby got him to be the special guest for the 1 hour or so…

I was… Surprised… Scared… Nervous… Blushed… Excited… Whatever you name it…

Together with Gab…

Somehow, I like this shot, the very moment when the cake fell… Although I look ugly…

My favourite shot of the day… Without my face… BUAHAHHAHAHHA~


Afterall, thank you for the efforts, really appreciate it… A memorable birthday celebration…


Magicland is so DEAD…

OK, this situation is weird, Magicland is dead because I am too busy with my life… Been busy with work and outings… Yes, I am proud to say that I am having way too many outings lately with different people…

Life seems so interesting and happening… BUT, there is still something missing in my life… I am still feeling EMPTY… Yes, the empty HEART… There is nobody living in there, for once, I haven’t got someone to live in my heart for quite some time… Like I said before, I need to like someone, miss someone in order to make my life… Thinking of someone special makes me happy, and getting upset when I can’t see him, feeling excited to see him… All these ups and downs are missing in my life…

ARRRGGGGGHHHH… Can I please just get a random adorable person for me to miss?


long lost pyy is here….

so wat happen to the pyy….
he is gone wit silence……
nah juz too damn lazy and too many things happened
i would say mostly r sad stuff….
i have not been happy for long long time…..
i also dunno why….
maybe till i get a lambo 1 day then i will b happy
everybody go watch gossip girl, ok i know man like me should not watch such drama, is embarassing, but i m juz crazy wit it….ahaha i dun even know why but i think is good personally, whoever laughing rite now go experience urself…ok before u say anything….lately been changing cellphone like no tomorrow, no phone can stay wit me more than 3 months i dunno why….and i keep throwing my phone whenever i was angry i know is bad but too many things juz happened haiz i hope there will be sunshine after the rain…i miss my schoool life so damn much feel like going back to school but it only happen in my dream….well working life is ok but not tat good…dunno why maybe juz not happening as my student life….do all da crazy thing like no tomolo….heheheh….is good all my old pal r returning to malaysia 1 by 1 is time to catch up with all of them…i m gaining weight maybe i m old edi….dad say i m edi old….wat the hell???