long lost pyy is here….

so wat happen to the pyy….
he is gone wit silence……
nah juz too damn lazy and too many things happened
i would say mostly r sad stuff….
i have not been happy for long long time…..
i also dunno why….
maybe till i get a lambo 1 day then i will b happy
everybody go watch gossip girl, ok i know man like me should not watch such drama, is embarassing, but i m juz crazy wit it….ahaha i dun even know why but i think is good personally, whoever laughing rite now go experience urself…ok before u say anything….lately been changing cellphone like no tomorrow, no phone can stay wit me more than 3 months i dunno why….and i keep throwing my phone whenever i was angry i know is bad but too many things juz happened haiz i hope there will be sunshine after the rain…i miss my schoool life so damn much feel like going back to school but it only happen in my dream….well working life is ok but not tat good…dunno why maybe juz not happening as my student life….do all da crazy thing like no tomolo….heheheh….is good all my old pal r returning to malaysia 1 by 1 is time to catch up with all of them…i m gaining weight maybe i m old edi….dad say i m edi old….wat the hell???

One reply on “long lost pyy is here….”

OMFG!! i thought i went to a wrong website!! FINALLY one of my guest bloggers is alive… damn!!

anyway, hope things go well soon…

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