A Decision…

Suffered a lot to finally make up this decision, I’ve accepted a new job offer.

It was a real rush in making this decision, in fact, I made TWO decisions. I rejected it the first time, thinking it was too rush. Then, I was given another chance to reconsider, I took a long time to think of it. Also, a HARD time feeling bad for my current bosses.

I received the offer on Wednesday, and I was told to start on Monday. Seriously really very rush, I felt that I had to be responsible to myself and my current bosses. I just thought that I couldn’t just leave like that and then got everyone into trouble behind me. So, I rejected it for the first time. But then later, I was told to reconsider, a role that I am interested in, an industry that I have been dreaming of, a well increment… I then made up a SELFISH decision, accepted that offer.

I was so scared and worried, I didn’t know how to tell my current bosses. As we are still in good terms, not like we had conflicts and I couldn’t be bothered to stay anymore, which makes it even worse. How I wished we were in bad terms, so that I could just leave without thinking. But, they are nice, VERY NICE instead.

Ever since I made up my mind, I knew that I will DEFINITELY miss my time there, wearing casual to work, flexible working time, easy jobs, light work loads, friendly people, stress-free… The coolest part was, I could MSN chat with my boss. All these soon will be in the history. What I can do now is to contribute as much as I can to minimize their trouble that I have left with, so that they won’t hate me that much =(

I’m also lucky that they are SO SUPER understanding. Once I was told that, a nice boss will never keep you away from a better future, no matter how much they need you.

Now that I’m worried that the new job will be REAL stressful, and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to cope with the corporate environment. I have been too happily living in a super comfort zone, now there comes the challenge.

Good Luck! To me.


MunYee’s Birthday…

We celebrated the Dai Bor Mun Yee aka Big Boobs Mun Yee’s birthday at La Porchetta…

Our gang…

The VERY INTERESTING cake, naked boobs with g-string, and candles on both nipples… *note: PINK NIPPLES OH!*

OH NO, she was cutting the bum…

4 HAWT posers ready to do SOMETHING…

How can you leave without SQUEEZING the birthday girl’s boobs? Especially BIG BOOBS?


The Police…

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The Police
is going to have their 30th anniversary reunion tour soon. I wonder, if you still remember them? The Police disbanded in 1986, and then they went on individual career paths. But now, they are launching an album with their favourite songs in it. And also, the US and Europe tour. Tickets for more than 100 tour dates were sold out in just minutes, how popular they were!! One of the hottest band in 80’s.

They have a new Police CD with 28 songs in them. They are:

1. Fallout
2. Can’t Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don’t Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine
15. Do Do Do de da da Da
16. Voices Inside My Head
17. Invisible Sun
18. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
19. Spirits in the Material World
20. Demolition Man
21. Every Breath You Take
22. Synchronicity I
23. Wrapped Around Your Finger
24. Walking in Your Footsteps
25. Synchronicity II
26. King of Pain
27. Murder by Numbers
28. Tea in the Sahara

I wonder if anyone actually knows this song, Every Breath You Take… Or, people only know about the Puff Daddy’s I’ll Be Missing You…

And also this song, Do Do Do de da da Da, I haven’t heard this for like SO LONG TIME!! OMG!! I am feeling so old now, but hey, they are still the GOOD SONGS!! If you are around my age, you should still remember them, I am sure my dad and my mom gonna love this CD!! Grab one Police CD for yourself today!!


Smart Arse!

I hate smart arse, especially those smart arse customers… They like to act AS IF they know a lot, in fact NO…

Today I was so annoyed by these customers… One was asking for a SE K800 charger, so I got him a SE K750 charger, and he was like “I am asking for a K800 charger, not a K750 one”, and then he snatched the charger away from me and looked at it and said “No, this is not the right one”…

I was so wanted to say DON’T ACT SMART!! But I HAD TO be nice and said “Let me just try it”… Once I plugged it in, the phone went “Optimized Charging”… His friend beside him said to him “She knows her work” and I looked at him, he was SPEECHLESS!!

Then, another one… He found what he wanted, and he was TRYING to pull it out from the shelves… I was trying to be nice and asked him whether he needed help, but he looked at me and not saying a word, continued trying hard in pulling… I walked over and did it my way, in just HALF A SECOND… He looked at me and said “WOW, that was easy”… HELL YEA, else that would be a SELF SERVICE SHOP, why would you need me to be there then…



7 Days A Week…

I am a work machine, I work 7 days a week, I love to work, I work for fun…


I only work 6 days a week normally, but this CASEY has assignment due on Monday and she obviously will spend the whole weekend working on it. So, I will have to be nice… I am HELPING her… But, I feel sorry for myself…


I think I need a relax and happening weekend, soon.



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Figure Vs Finger…

Been so stressed recently… Emotional, I hope it’s only me, I hope I haven’t emotionally disturbed anyone here yet… =)

Well, at least I laughed for once at this…

Haha, my mom can’t spell FINGER… =P

It doesn’t seem like my blog anymore without my camwhoring pictures… I can’t let this be so DOWN anymore… CHEER UP A BIT!!

Tired Ericca after work… BB said I looked cute today, so must take picture… ^^

If you notice, my hair is now STRAIGHT!! =(


Fashion Fashion…

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WOW!! Check this out, the Glamour Campaign is selling so many clothings, they are cute, sexy, feminie, elegant… It’s a place that you can get whatever you want, just in ONE store!!

I was looking at this Beige Zebra Marilyn Dress, this Navy and Pink Pin Stripe Tuxedo Jacket, this Crystal Skull Charcoal Wool Microshort… OMG, aren’t they GORGEOUS?

Now I know why they have celebrity clients!! This is because their stuffs are just too irresistible…


Solve it or not…

Sometimes, I don’t even know whether I should solve it or not… When you try to solve it, there will be more and more hard time coming up… Sometimes maybe it’s better to keep it flow by itself…

Baby, do you know how much you are worrying me? Do you know how much I try not to worry? I TRIED HARD… But, it is just not working… Sometimes, maybe it is better to not to force you and us, but maybe I should just force myself to be stronger…

I remember someone told me… It’s fine when they enjoy the world out there, as long as they come home…

Is that supposed to be?

I remember you told me, we are sharing both the happiness and sadness… But, it seems like you are sharing your happiness with your friends, while I have to take all my sadness…

I don’t understand…

You have done so much so much to make love within us, you have shown me how much you love me, you have taught me how to love you, you have given chances to learn… NOW, I have learnt, and I know… But, you are not taking it…

X says:
i think, u indeed love him
X says:
and when he started to become like this
X says:
ur heart broke
X says:
because before this
X says:
u take it for granted that he will not change and will always be that way
X says:
sorry if this sound harsh o
X says:
there is a few choices now, i think
X says:
1) break up, suffer heart ache for a while and recover and move on
2) stay in this and go on suffering heart ache until he learned
3) go on with this and pretend nothing happen
4) pretend nothing ever happened at all

I will definately not going for 1, because I know he will change. He gave me a chance when I was bad before, I need to give him a chance, and I know he will.

I think I am doing 2 now.


Turn Back Time…

I wished I could turn back time, to redo all those mistakes in the past. If only I knew what would be happening next.

Just like now, I seriously think that there were HELL LOTS of mistakes that I shouldn’t have done. All these silly mistakes are turning my life into a miserable broken life. It’s not me in me anymore. I live without soul. I daydream about how nice IF and ONLY IF this wasn’t happening.

Also, I wonder if I could forgive myself?