Break Up

i wonder, is this a Break Up Season? i have been seeing quite a number of couples broke up recently… and some STILL IN PROGRESS!! ahhaa… which means… half way break up~ *my godz*

i can see the pain when your loved one wanna break up with you… and how sad you are, how pain the heart is, how you hope for it’s not true, how weak you are… even how hard to continue your life… i too understand how hard to break up with the person you loved before, and how pain is your heart when seeing him/her struggling… i have gone through both situations before, i have been farking down and sad before… but now… i am still another new person after every relationship…

what i see in this kinda situation? a break up is just leaving the one who doesnt love you anymore which is WORTH IT!! or… leaving someone you no longer love in order to find someone that you truly love which is also WORTH IT!! yea, it’s easy to say it when i am not in the situation… but afterall, you will still realise it after everything… you obviously will look for a better life after breaking up… and PLEASE live better when someone has broken up with you, show him/her that you can be better without him/her…

well… this is another reason for why i am still single!! =P as i am afraid of being with the wrong ones thus afraid of break ups… unless i can find someone that i really really love… =)

but all these whiles, i have met some people that i like, but not suitable for me, or some that i like but they dont like me, or some that they like me but i dont like tham… blablabla… this is hard weik~!~!! or maybe… a casual relationship is more suitable for me, can have love but not committed? BUT… whenever i think that i am ready for a casual relationship, a relationship without commitment… then i will ACCIDENTALLY fall into the trap… i guess i am not the kind of person to have casual relationship, i cant make it actually… it would be the biggest problem when you both are meant for a casual relationship, then suddenly you want it to be serious… and there comes to decide what you should do…

continue to pretend casual?

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may all your dreams come true, be a good MAN…
your birthday gift is with Bobo, get from him ok… =P


Freaking Bored…

people, i am bored!! i am supposed to get my arse sitting there to communicate with my lecture notes and stuffs… as there is my mid term test on thursday… but then… i dont have mood at all~~~

oh madzz… i have been out these few nights… almost every night yumcha yumcha AND yumcha… then after yumcha, mahjong mahjong AND mahjong… wahlaoo… what a life man!! no need to sleep meh~~~ *horrible*

and i have this problem… when other people asking me out, i really dont have mood to go out… but when it comes to my buddies!! wooohooo~!!~! i am following no matter where… this is a bit weird… and… i do call myself an ANTISOCIAL kiddo now…!! shiat!! now my life, only my HOME, buddies, college… and… maybe someone… hahahahhahahahaha~ but still… *dreaming*

yea yea yea… new year is just around the corner… and we are planning to celebrate it in Genting AGAIN!! hahhaha… it’s just like a MARATHON~ we celebrated our last new year in Genting too… but the members gonna be a SLIGHT change!! ahhahaha… hopefully the MAIN members will be there this time… or maybe let’s make this happen every year? good idea yea? =P *looking forward*


BABYLAND gathering…

last night went out with BABY TOY the BOBO with his driver and officially now BABY DRIVER the LOK-LOK… he really looks like the HK actor 錢家樂 one wor!! dont play play wor…!!

we went for dinner at first then after that we went to have a drink at Halo Cafe!! wooohoooo~~ that place really ROCKS man!! i love the environment A LOT!! nice songs and nice drinks… of coz… together with nice people *wink* i enjoyed being there a lot!! after a while, WeeHong and WayLeong came to join us as they were about to go for mahjong session at my house later… i FORCED WayLeong to help me to ask whether any job vacancies or not… hehe, so that i can work there ooorrhh~~~ but then… i still gotta consider about it first!! from 8pm to 12am or 2am wor…!!! hmmm… then there was this moment everyone laughed at me for not pressing the top of the pen before using it… =( even the waitress there laughed like a so-poh~ *arrrrghhhh~*

yea yea, after that, went home for mahjong session OF COZ!!! kekekekeke… thankx BOBO and LOKLOK for coming all the way from so far and even GOT LOST in BANGI~ *WTF* hahahahahhaa… =P

our drinks… Purple Corner, Moon LOver and Ice World… *look at the photographing skill man, isnt it TOO GOOD!!!*

they are all good singers!! serious!! *applause*





yoohoooo~!~!~!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! just got back from yumcha with WeeHong and WayLeong!! kekekeke… weird to yumcha on xmas eve? and 2 of them now playing mahjong with my bro… hahaha~

hahahahah… acually quite a number of friends called me asked me to go here go there… but… really no mood… dont know why… OLD edi gua~~ nomore feeling excited to go count down… moreover, i feel damn irritating to go out!! feel that staying at home is the best!! some called me asking my location and i told them HOME, they didnt believe it!! ahahha… and saying that it’s so unbelievable and abnormal, especially it’s happening on ME!! ahahhaha…

then some DC++ hubbers wanted to have their celebration at steven’s corner, so i thought that i might tag along since it’s so near… but then… my mom didnt seem to be happy when i told her that i going yumcha with somebody that she doesnt know… so then… SORRIE XUSXUS~ =P i was forced to ffk them… after a while, my phone rang again… it’s WeeHong, hahaha… this time i could go out edi~ =P

i am now thinking of how to get rid of the gathering tomorrow man!! just now one of my primary schoolmates called me told me that there will be a K session at redbox tomorrow and i said OK!! what the hell…!! i really dont feel like going ler… ahduh~~~ how how how~~~ why did i say OK, i have no idea~~~

oh yea, not to forget about ERIC!! he was damn funny this afternoon, suddenly called me saying that he was outside my house… asked me to go out… and so i went out… and he handed me my xmas PRESENT!!!! ahhahaha… guess what… it’s a yellow ROSE… ahhahaha~ damn funnie! thankiew anyway~

me having fun with my xmas hat from dear WHEIMENG ages ago~ =P


freakin cold!!!

oh man….christmass is comin :D but it is freaking cold!!!:lalala: and got damn lotz of static!!!always get short circuit by electric!!!temperature over my place is negative 10 celcius!!! and i m freakin cold even in room lucky got heater!!!when i go 4 a 20 min walk, my nose n ears r freezing and became numb no more feeling!!wahhaha, 2day i got 60++usd waiter tips !!!wowoow so happy lol!!!merry christmass 2 all ppl in this blog……n happi new year!!n play safe lo….i mean dun drink 2 much!!!i was drunk like hell in my 21st bday!!!now dun dare 2 drink anymore!!!gonna b a good boy!!!seems like goin 2 snow nex week lo!!!i think i got my ever best christmas present!!!is a car!!!lou dou approved jo 2 buy a honda integra!!!wahhahaha, tomolo go checkout the car!!!!these few days duno y, always thinking of malaysian food!!!holly shit!!!hungry man, i oledi planned a food trip after i reach the klia airport by nex yr!!!woowowowowo….finally may u guys hav a very happi christmas n world peace!!!bai bai, gonna go play ps2 la……..suitemate paging me jo


A Malay Cab Driver

i just got back home from college~~ duh~~ usually daddie picks me up one, but then today he wasnt free… so then i thought ok lor, i could get a cab then~ so i walked out of the college and saw a cab there, and i told him that i wanted to go home, and he told me ’20bucks’ i was like… FARK YOU MAN!! but i had no choice as it was raining that time!! as i couldnt run back to college under the rain with my mini skirt, sore legs, and a MOUNTIAN of books!! further more i was so freaking hungry man!! damn angry edi let me meet this shittie bastard!! i even put my phone on silent mode didnt wanna answer my mom’s call!! my eyes were rolling that tears gonna fall real soon and i was about to ‘fat lan zha’ edi~~~ at the end, i took the DAMN cab to pyramid with 5bucks…

the driver was such a pain man!! i rather paying 20bucks with the meter working than just by saying ’20bucks’!! at first thought of walking around pyramid and shop shop, BUT too bad, i really couldnt walk anymore, so i went back to the TaxiQ… and i found it weird seeing a ticket counter there… i really didnt know what’s that but i just followed everyone… and i was asked to pay 12bucks!! i was like WHAT AGAIN!! i thought it was just service charge for the ticketing thingie… luckily i later found that it’s the fare!! that’s better!!

it’s a malay driver… my godz~~~~ i am not being racist, BUT i am really scared of malays, especially those who cant speak other languages than BM, coz i cant speak BM lar!! and so unfortunately this driver was so funny and friendly… but our conversation was like a duck + chicken talk~!~!~! he asked me damn a lot of questions man… from how old, studying what, where, dad’s age, dad and mom working as what, how many siblings… blablabla… even asked me what is my bf working as… i went like ‘HUH?’ and i told him that i dont have one… but he didnt believe… =( overall, he is a nice guy, telling me he has 3 kids, he is 33 years old… hahaha… but i doubt he actually understand all my words!! =P and honestly, i was failed to understand all his words… kekekekeekeke~

he saw my dog, then i told him that the dog’s name is Beckham, he went so exicted and called him ‘David Beckham’… hahahah… so funnie… and yea, thankx to him i am safely home!! so that i could take off the freaking uncomfortable shoes, take a rest, AND EAT!!!! so now… all my angers gone~ =)



i usually check the stats for my blog as well as referers… usually they are NORMAL ones… probably like links from other blogs… or from lyn… or some other NORMAL links… but then these days… i find it very weird… i can see some WEIRD LINKS appeared to be in the list… so i just clicked on it just to find out what is that!!

and… the answer is… PORN SITES!!! *ta ma de* why the hell does this happen man? and i couldnt find a single link in the site… ahduh~~ what kinda pornie magic is that weik~~ tell me~~ dont spoil my image ar!! is strictly NO PORNS!! and is suitable for genius baby age 1 day and above!! dont play play!! – W A R N I N G –



duh~!~! been feeling so sick for 2 days edi man!! been lying on the bed most of the time on the first day… today was much better!! only half a day i guess…

i dont like headache lar!! so pain weik!! once i sit or stand also start feeling the pain~ the best is not moving like a stone, so that no pain~

fever is sucks!! sometimes hot sometimes cold~ ahduh~ i dont like lar!! somemore the whole body also pain like hell~~ somemore people kept calling me go yum cha… one even worse, wanted to come for mahjong… my godz~~ they really think that i damn geng weik!

sei lar… tomorrow got class tim… gotta do assignment tim~~ please…


Perempuan Simpanan…

usually people think that all these girls are so dumb as they dont mind being 2nd wife or 2nd gf of a guy… they dont mind being unknown… dont mind being a toy… blablabla…

but then i think that they are kinda smart being so… they rather do so coz they love their men, it’s better to stay at this kinda situation rather than being seperated… at least, they still have chances to see their men, to at least have chances to be together with them… they might just lose everything if they fight for it or keep bugging for a status…

sometimes it’s good for not asking for more… always feel satisfied can lead to a happier life… =)



wooohooo~!~! first of all… let me thankiew ZhanShen for introducing me a good show man!! – 天涯俠醫 – by 張家輝,郭羨妮 and more… seriously DAMN GOOD weik!!! i have been downloading all the time and watching all the time… now i am downloading epsidoe 24… with the max speed of 203kb/s!! wooohooo!! damn fast man!! less than 20mins for an episode!! COOL!! and i am EAGERLY waiting for the story man!!!!!!!!!

hahahahahahaha… and i just back from my new HAIR DO!! hehe, i have my hair straighten and also cut… not much difference though~~ but i can feel that my hair is now SILKIER~~!! and my mom has her hair permed as well… i didnt know what happened but i know i got shocked while i looked at the bill… RM857!! my godz… maybe my mom’s facial thingie i guess…

and i was so damn hungry just now as i only ate breakfast in the morning then went to saloon and sat there for HOURS!! backbone also CRACKED!! on the way home, i was so damn hungry kept thinking of what to eat… at that moment, my phone rang… guess who… it’s MY DADDIE!! my daddie asked me whether i got my head BOTAK or not, coz it’s too long for a hair cut… hahahahaha… then i asked him to TAPAO me some food as i was FREAKING HUNGRY!!! then he told me that his main purpose of calling me was to tell me that he ALREADY BOUGHT ME ROASTED DUCK!! wooohooo… so LOVELY man my DADDIE~~ *muacks*

straight? but SILKY + SMOOTH~