wooohooo~!~! first of all… let me thankiew ZhanShen for introducing me a good show man!! – 天涯俠醫 – by 張家輝,郭羨妮 and more… seriously DAMN GOOD weik!!! i have been downloading all the time and watching all the time… now i am downloading epsidoe 24… with the max speed of 203kb/s!! wooohooo!! damn fast man!! less than 20mins for an episode!! COOL!! and i am EAGERLY waiting for the story man!!!!!!!!!

hahahahahahaha… and i just back from my new HAIR DO!! hehe, i have my hair straighten and also cut… not much difference though~~ but i can feel that my hair is now SILKIER~~!! and my mom has her hair permed as well… i didnt know what happened but i know i got shocked while i looked at the bill… RM857!! my godz… maybe my mom’s facial thingie i guess…

and i was so damn hungry just now as i only ate breakfast in the morning then went to saloon and sat there for HOURS!! backbone also CRACKED!! on the way home, i was so damn hungry kept thinking of what to eat… at that moment, my phone rang… guess who… it’s MY DADDIE!! my daddie asked me whether i got my head BOTAK or not, coz it’s too long for a hair cut… hahahahaha… then i asked him to TAPAO me some food as i was FREAKING HUNGRY!!! then he told me that his main purpose of calling me was to tell me that he ALREADY BOUGHT ME ROASTED DUCK!! wooohooo… so LOVELY man my DADDIE~~ *muacks*

straight? but SILKY + SMOOTH~

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