Procrastinating eRiCCa…

this is so damn freaking suckie man!! STOP THAT!! been telling myself again and again, stop doing that!! but… argggh… just cant help… *duh*

finally went out to have a PROPER meal for lunch this afternoon, went to have japanese food… kinda yummie though… but then super fattening with tempura, with teriyaki chicken, with fried chicken pieces, with fried dumplings, with some rice!! which is why i am not going to have DINNER!! waakakakakaka… even thought of going for a swim to burn out all the stewpid calories… but… when we were almost ready to go at 730pm and we realised that the swimming pool closing at 745pm… *baka*

thus, we stayed at home to do some DRY SWIM… wakakakkaa… YES!! MAHJONG!! ahhahahahaha… at least, i was exercising my FINGERS and HANDS, i bet they are now A LIL SLIMMER… damn lame… and i felt so bad while playing mahjong and also thinking of my assignment!! my BLARDEE tax law assignment is killing me… i think it’s not the assignment itself but the freaking 34 pages of tax case that i have to read before i can start working on it!! i just cant have that kinda patient to read all of them… *help* BUT I HAVE TO!!

now, i am ready to READ!! but i am feeling sleepy… NO NO NO!! i have to read before i can go to bed tonight!! I PROMISE!! *good luck*

this is what happens when i HAVE TO STARDEE… especially when my dardar is lost in nowhere, not studying together with me…

take a pic before going to study ok…

HUH~ i still dowan to study ar… *blek*


Good Luck My Friend…

ZhanShen, my bestest buddy is leaving tonight to Sunderland, UK… although i am already damn far enough to be unable to send him off at KLIA, i still feel the sad… not for tonight… but for the future…

i can see my future when i am back in kl without the existence of zs… it will be so damn dull without fun… i can no longer give a call to zs telling him that i am hungry and let’s go to eat something… i can no longer call him and telling that i am bored and let’s do something… i can no longer having the fun making cookies in the kitchen with zs… i can no longer bringing my 2 brothers out together with zs pretending that we are one family… i can no longer going out with zs and people start asking me whether he is my bf… and also not to forget my lonely birthday without zs celebrating together with me as our birthdays only 1 day in difference…

aiiissskkkzzz… for the first day i landed on melb land, i wanted to go home, i wanted to go back to my family’s side and also i wanted to go back to see my buddies everyday… i missed them so much… but then… i told myself that i would be back soon to be with them again!! after a year, i went back for my summer holiday and it was freaking so much hell lots of fun that we almost practically went out everyday and night… our K sessions, shopping sessions, lunch and dinner sessions, yumcha sessions, gossiping sessions… everything… i basically rejected most of the invitations by other people, giving lame excuses and all, as i didnt feel like going out with other people beside them… and i find it very funny as i didnt even feel a LIL of boring seeing the same people all the time, in fact i was damn happy…

back to melb… also waiting for another meeting up with them again in the summer… but then too bad… i had to do summer course this year in melb and not be able to go back… but then i thought that i could go back right after my summer course!! but but but… haiihzzz… MY ZHANSHEN IS GONE EDI LAR… :'( *sobsob* then sooner or later that BUGGER WHEIMENG also leaving edi lar!! *although he is not very important lar =P* still!!! all gone when i am back!! ma de!! not to say all!! still got 50% left lar… but that zeno is always busy with his 1-YEAR-1-GF while that mayvis is forever busy with BREAKING UP with the SAME BF… *arrrgghhh*


aiskzzz… anyway, no matter what, i believe that they will still come back to me… SOON… prolly in 2 years? 3 years? or 5 years? we will still be back in a gang!! remember what’s our DREAM CAFE is…

zhanshen, be good ok… good luck!! see ya soon!! *muacks*

They are my non-current assets!!!


The Kiddo AUNTIE…

hmmm… for some reason, i have shown my mommie one same thing for 3 times and she still managed to see WRONGLY and thus she got the same error for 3 times… and finally she found that she actually missed out ONE letter “L”… so then the war started…

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:
you cock eye ar!!!

AnnChin says:
so rude!!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:
ape then?

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:
i typed 3 times edi also you can see wrongly…

AnnChin says:
see…told u to be a bit lady like lah

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:
not cock eye then what?

AnnChin says:
*showing sad emoticon* :(

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:
ok dont be sad…

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * lele the lele is the lele lele… says:
come i buy you chocolate

AnnChin says:
ok ………….. *show smiling emoticon*

PUHLEASE… can anyone tell me how old is my mommie ar…?


holly shit….malaysia Uni student like nth compare 2 china..

2day dunno y ericca so fierce ask little thing also like chopping me!!!

i juz finish watching a conference from china Beijing Uni….i was like waoh!!! even a music school uni student can have such knowledge in politic and economy…and guess wat she is juz a music school student…..from this moment, i only found out the differences within chinese and malaysian chinese…..eventhough Beijing Uni is the top Uni in china…. hell….i guess 90% of malaysian student dun even hav a rough idea of politic and economy…..b4 this i always feel like i m alien bcz only those uncle , dad and me will discuss politic and economy or even history but finally i found theres ppl out there share the same interest with me….b4 this my fren thought i m juz craping with all these issues…lol……as a result….china goes stronger and malaysia always b the same……cheers….!!!


Long Lost Pic…

this is a very the funny pic!! look at it!! damn ugly weik!! like a small kiddo!! wahlaoo… beh tahan man~~~ but hey, i was much slimmer than now man!! OH MY GODZ!! it was chan yee and me working for canon roadshow back in… year… let me think… when i was 19… means… 3 years ago… means… 2002… FUHHHHH~~ sejarah-nye~~

hopefully that chan yee is not going to find this out and come all the way from sydney to chop me into pieces… *bless me*

well, i thought i had no chance to see this pic anymore as i saved it in a FLOPPY DISK and it was already corrupted!! duh~~ so sadzzz… until recently, dardar found it in his mail box!! wakakkakakaka… i sent it to him long long long time ago!! yeay!! so happy!! *muacks*


Shopping Day!!

today was really a shopping day… been walking here and there, up and down, left and right to search for THINGS!!

well!! GOOD NEWS!! i finally got myself a pair of HEELS!! yeay!! but it’s not the 4inches Jane Debster that i wanted *coz this stupid bugger not on sale, so expensive!!* ma de hell… luckily i still manage to find one pair that i like… but then it’s also after alice and i walking in and out from so many shops!! *tiring* a cheaper one with 3.5inches only though, and i got a 10% discount for it as it’s the last pair and a MINOR scratch over there… aiskkzzz…

ok… after buying my heels, my mood rocketed!! so then went to buy stuffs to make KONNYAKU JELLY for nhan’s party tomorrow… kekekeke… it’s ANOTHER DAMN HARD mission ok!! once i found the powder, then i couldnt get the longan, once i found the longan, then i couldnt get the nata de coco, once i got the nata de coco, then i couldnt get the RAW basil seeds, so i had to buy BASIL SEED WITH HONEY DRINK *weird*… arrggghh!!! and once everything i got edi… i havent got the MOULD, which is the most important thing!! zha dou!! finally got the ICE CUBE TRAY *bah* better than nothing lar… all these things i got from different shops one man!! why cant they sell them all in ONE SAME SHOP leh… stupid!! probably they know that i wanna gam fei, so that they made me walk so much!! wakkakaka… =P

i found this pair looks damn CUTE, with DENIM rose at the tip and MOOMOOCOW furry at the side, and very COMFORTABLE!! but… i dont dare to wear it on the street… and it’s 189bucks… no thankiew!!

my new heels!!

my poor lil heels with this white scratch…

all my ingredients for KONNYAKU JELLY


Assignments DONE!!

yeay!! so happie… finally 2 assignments done!! and i just had a good sleep this morning!! and i am now super energetic… kekekekeke!! there is this once off event at ScuBar to night, HEARD that many people going wor… haiihzzz… dowan to go lar… hahahahaha… stay at home watch my TVB better ler…

hmmm… it’s time to thank some people over here!!

first of all, *muacks* korkor… thankx for your last minute help… hehehehe… =)

secondly, *muacks+hugs* dardar… finally you were being a good boy last night without throwing me alone at home and out for TT session huh!! hehe… thankx for the help also and accompanied me whole night till i finished the whole assignment…

thirdly, probably i need to thank BOBO for THOUGHT of helping also…


Fever Ericca…

aiiissskkzzz… I AM HAVING A BLARDEE FEVER!! =(

no wonder last night feeling so damn cold lar, gotta use 3 layers of blanket somemore!! haiihzzz… somemore today people all wearing like going to beach, with shorts and slippers… then i wore like a pollarbear… =(

but then it’s good!! i thought my body already NUMB coz long time i didnt feel SICK edi… so now i am feeling sick, i am normal yea!!

guess… have been facing too much of work lately!! fark the assignments man!! =( too stressed? kor… you said you would help me on my assignments one wor, why you MIA edi… you wanna FFK me at this moment meh… can die one lar like that… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ i wanna go home!! i dowan to study anymore!!

furthermore, my dardar only knows how to go for TT sessions… never wanna help me up one!! */me throws dardar to the rubbish bin*


thankx dardar for reminding me and telling me the reason for WHY I AM SICK!! coz… i finished 3/4 bar of the chocolate the day before yesterday!! i guess that’s the reason… so i HAPPILY went to tell my mom…

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * Feeeeeeeeever… says:
AUNTIE!! i know why i am sick edi!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * Feeeeeeeeever… says:
coz hor… i finished 3/4 bar of chocolate the day before yesterday!!

AnnChin says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * Feeeeeeeeever… says:

AnnChin says:
Bodoh!!!! Gilaaaa!!!!

how sweet was my mom when she got to know that i was sick… ICHIBAN LAR YOU MOMMIE!!

i am off to get some rest before starting my ASSIGNMENT WAR tonight!! 2 assignments due tomorrow!! pray for me please…


Poor Ericca…

*poor lil ericca is now rushing her assignments like a mad piggie*

after all the happy moments, it’s now time to get back on the assignments-track!! damn it!! 2 assignments due together!! siaoz meh~~~!! okok… probably the lecturers are not siaoz but i am the one siaoz coz doing it last minute… *self-slapping*

but hey!! dont be so sad first… after thursday, the 2 assignments gonna be out of my way!! no where to be seen edi *buhbye assignments* then i can get myself prepared to PARTY!!! yeay!!!! been planning for a clubbing session to Amber this friday, anyone? I MISS AMBER lar!! and I NEED TO CLUB!! *for once, ok?* Mr. Tequila, Mr. 151, Mr. Illusion, wait for me yea… I AM COMING!!

then then then… i will be going to clayton for Nhan’s birthday party on saturday!! wooohooooooooo~~ so happy…!! i HEARD there gonna be a ONE WHOLE ROASTED LAMB wor… BUT… i cannot eat also… =( *SO FAT* nvm nvm, at least i have something to do on that night rather than staying at home…

and then again, I WILL BE ON HOLIDAY!! yes babe!! a one week holiday is good enough… but maybe i will be assing at home for my Tax Law assignment!! *bah* but nvm, at least i need not to wake up at 10am to go for 11am’s tutorial on wednesday *happy enough*…

WAIT!! what am i doing here man, getting more and more excited while the 2 blardee assignments still in progress… damn damn damn…

*back to assignments, enough of procrastinating edi*



i think i can call myself a K-girl edi… last night K… tonight also K… just got home from K sessionS… tonight 2 sessions somemore!!

firstly went to meet with my primary school mates in hollywood… these people are so INNOCENT man!! they didnt even know how to play the dice and all… and only drinking HONEY LEMON… fuuhhh~~ till we got so much credit left… and at around 1am… all gone edi, left me and suyin with the credit, and we gotta order 3 plates of octopus balls to fully utilised the credit… that’s so ridiculous!! so unreasonable!!

after that session, i went over to shanghai to RESCUE alice!! hahahaha… she was already SCREAMING like a market auntie there when i reached… yea, another K session started!! and that time only my K feel arrived… at least i felt better looking at all the corona bottles on the table, all the dices on the table… rather than seeing octopus balls and honey lemon… *bah* and the price paid also reasonable, which is… more than the credit we initially given… unlike the previous session where we gotta FORCE ourselves to finish the credit…

and… i somehow kinda disappointed with someone for breaking promise!! I KNEW THAT HE WOULD BREAK IT!! but he said he PROMISED… my ass!! ignored my call, ignored my sms… such a chicken out there!!

somemore my dardar so happily enjoying with whole bunch of people out there… genting starbucks somemore… so syiok!! such a useless dardar that abondoned playing game with his dardar and went on to enjoy with a group of wankers… *sad case*

oh well… tonight was good, found a good parking easily and no fine!! *congrats*