i think i can call myself a K-girl edi… last night K… tonight also K… just got home from K sessionS… tonight 2 sessions somemore!!

firstly went to meet with my primary school mates in hollywood… these people are so INNOCENT man!! they didnt even know how to play the dice and all… and only drinking HONEY LEMON… fuuhhh~~ till we got so much credit left… and at around 1am… all gone edi, left me and suyin with the credit, and we gotta order 3 plates of octopus balls to fully utilised the credit… that’s so ridiculous!! so unreasonable!!

after that session, i went over to shanghai to RESCUE alice!! hahahaha… she was already SCREAMING like a market auntie there when i reached… yea, another K session started!! and that time only my K feel arrived… at least i felt better looking at all the corona bottles on the table, all the dices on the table… rather than seeing octopus balls and honey lemon… *bah* and the price paid also reasonable, which is… more than the credit we initially given… unlike the previous session where we gotta FORCE ourselves to finish the credit…

and… i somehow kinda disappointed with someone for breaking promise!! I KNEW THAT HE WOULD BREAK IT!! but he said he PROMISED… my ass!! ignored my call, ignored my sms… such a chicken out there!!

somemore my dardar so happily enjoying with whole bunch of people out there… genting starbucks somemore… so syiok!! such a useless dardar that abondoned playing game with his dardar and went on to enjoy with a group of wankers… *sad case*

oh well… tonight was good, found a good parking easily and no fine!! *congrats*

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Dardar.. KL was hot so we went up Genting for a chilling break at the same time have a cup of cappucino and frappucino at Starbucks being sponsored by someone who stole one of my three wise monkeys seated on my dashboard (getting free drinks sure syiok lerr) but i missed the solitaire session.. soweeeeeeeeee

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