Poor Ericca…

*poor lil ericca is now rushing her assignments like a mad piggie*

after all the happy moments, it’s now time to get back on the assignments-track!! damn it!! 2 assignments due together!! siaoz meh~~~!! okok… probably the lecturers are not siaoz but i am the one siaoz coz doing it last minute… *self-slapping*

but hey!! dont be so sad first… after thursday, the 2 assignments gonna be out of my way!! no where to be seen edi *buhbye assignments* then i can get myself prepared to PARTY!!! yeay!!!! been planning for a clubbing session to Amber this friday, anyone? I MISS AMBER lar!! and I NEED TO CLUB!! *for once, ok?* Mr. Tequila, Mr. 151, Mr. Illusion, wait for me yea… I AM COMING!!

then then then… i will be going to clayton for Nhan’s birthday party on saturday!! wooohooooooooo~~ so happy…!! i HEARD there gonna be a ONE WHOLE ROASTED LAMB wor… BUT… i cannot eat also… =( *SO FAT* nvm nvm, at least i have something to do on that night rather than staying at home…

and then again, I WILL BE ON HOLIDAY!! yes babe!! a one week holiday is good enough… but maybe i will be assing at home for my Tax Law assignment!! *bah* but nvm, at least i need not to wake up at 10am to go for 11am’s tutorial on wednesday *happy enough*…

WAIT!! what am i doing here man, getting more and more excited while the 2 blardee assignments still in progress… damn damn damn…

*back to assignments, enough of procrastinating edi*

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