Nomore Hope…

oh madness… nomore hope edi… i thought… i could… meet him for the last time before he left for malaysia… but then… HE ALREADY BACK IN MALAYSIA!!!! duh~!~! no mood…



i went to ah chuan’s place last night… HOW? i DROVE!!! woooohoooo~!~!~! yes, first time driving alone after so many years… a manual car… it was scary ok!! i am sure that if there was someone with me, that person surely dead coz of FEAR!! ahhahahaha… yea, lucky that i was alone, and then no car on the road, so it wasnt that bad when my car kept moving to left and right like a drunkard… *wakakkakakakakakak*

and it was real fun when i got home… i had a video and audio conference with my friends in malaysia!! woohooo… they were all celebrating Dennis’ birthday in his house… and i saw them playing mahjong… so fun eh… but hey, i played also!! hahahaha… viewing my cards with webcam and commanding them to throw cards for me… but then… they were being too evil… they didnt care about me, especially WHEI MENG!! he told me that i already WON while i hadnt even finished looking at the cards… BAKA!!


i was very late for class today!!! i set alarm at 8am to go for 9am class, but then i continued sleeping and thought of waking up at 830am… but when i woke up again, it was already 10am… MISSED 1 since already missed, so i slept again and hoping to wake up at 11am to go for 12pm class… when i looked at the time, 12pm MISSED 2… damn it lar… i then woke up to get prepared for my 1pm class then… and YES!! i made it to the class… and i already made up a LIE in my mind to the tutor if he would ask me for the reason why didnt turn up in the morning… i would tell him that i had an exam to sit for… but then… who knows the tutor came to ask me ‘how was your exam’ when he saw me entering the class… hahahahahah… how smart is my tutor man!!! =)



as some of you may know… i am currently facing one of the biggest challenge in my life… challenging myself… to the very very very brave and very very very indenpendent extent… but basically, i dont think that i can do it… i am still trying… or i should say that I HAVE TO TRY…

i dont know what will happen… i dont know what i will become… i dont know how long i can stand… let’s see…

i shall not be scared, i shall not be worried, i shall not cry…



just come home from K session… basically it was a cool K session that i had just now… with frank, ah chuan, puishan, selina, royal and me… especially it was a TRUE K session as everyone was singing… and not only drinking… and yea… i didnt drink much today… =)

but… when i was singing 温柔 by 五月天… i thought of someone… thinking of everything that i had with her… flashed back some memories… how she so seriously in love with 五月天… i miss her

then… all other songs brought me to another someone… another person that i miss… and i miss him very much… i am hoping to see him… knowing that he is leaving soon… i feel sad… i dont understand WHY… why am i STILL missing him… i will QUIT missing him soon… i am working very hard to let go…


After Exam…

yeay… i finished my exam yesterday and thought of doing something to make myself feel like i-am-done-with-my-exam… so… there i was in FFOUR for its thursday’s Neo

hmmm… was feeling good after so long… *muacks cheryl* and yea, the LADIES got HIGH!! ahhahaa… 4 of us, Yuki which i got to know her last night, Virlyn which i met her for the 2nd time last night, Cheryl the darling and i… what’s gonna happen when 4 ladies got high? LESBO ACTIONS!!! yes yes yes!! it’s BACK again… i used to have only ONE lesbo partner, my darling cheryl, the only girl that i frenched with… but now, i have 3!! ahhahaha… the guys were just seeing us frenching each other among the 4 of us but they had nothing… *wakakkakakakakaka* too bad… =P

yoorh… guess what, i didnt even spend A CENT last night!! thankiew KEN!! he sponsored everything, my entrance ticket and my drinks!! and also some of cheryl and yuki’s drinks, i think… gentleman!! =P and thanks to this cheryl kept brain-washing ken to buy me drinks… all she wanted was just GET ME DRUNK!! *baka* ok man, and thanks to the 151… *151 rocks* my clubbing mood came back… hahahahaha… cheryl knows me too well that I NEED 151 to bring me into the clubbing mood… *sounds like drug addicts need drugs to stay alive*

i met David and also this guy from ChongHwa… i actually didnt know him but his name as he was being SO FAMOUS in school… for… hmmm… PLAYFUL… HANDSOME… yea, and so after the alcohol influence, i went up to him and asked ‘are you XXX?’ and he got shocked saying nobody in melbourne actually mentioned his CHINESE name before… hahhahaha… and yea we talked about a lil of this and that, and hey he is working for Neo, so i could call him up and reserve myself in his FREE LIST and i got his number!! =P


FREAKING PARKING!!! damn!!! imagine that we entered this freaking parking at 12.42pm… then went out at 1.42pm… EXACTLY ONE HOUR!! but then… it is actually counted as 1 hour 1 minute = 61 minutes… and guess how much did we pay in total… let’s look at the rate…

first 1/2 hour = $3.50
first hour = $10.00 *what kinda calculation is this*
2nd hour = $22.00 *DAMN*

and we paid farking 22bucks!!! arrrrggghhh… just because of that ONE BLARDEE MINUTE!!! duh~~~~~ RM66… my godz…


my MOODY nails…

i find this really interesting… this nail polish actually changes color according to the temperature… as for this one, it’s purple while it’s cold and pink while it’s hot… i have another 3 other bottles as well, let’s try them out SOON…

normal color when cold… it’s winter –> PURPLE

this is after i washed my hand with hot water –> PINK

dipped the front part into hot water and they have 2 colors now!!

this is the difference between the 2 colors…


Poser in The Library…

finally back from my LAST library session for this semester… left home this morning at 10am… and reached home at 11pm… woohoo~!~!~! and this was my last studying day!! i am going to sit for my last paper tomorrow… after tomorrow… NO, i am not FREE yet… till the reply for the special consideration for my CA is released… *arrghhh* 4 more days to the outcome of the consideration… *worried*

ok… now introducing the poser in the library of the day… and please ignore my eyebags… dark eye rings… ball-shaped face… aunty hair style… JUST SIMPLY IGNORE EVERYTHING and i would be an ANGEL… =)

take 1…

take 2…

take 3…

* * * G O O D L U C K T O M E * * *



sometimes it is reasonable for me to be A LIL BIT of abnormal… i hear you asking WHY… because i have Ann Chin as my mom…

AnnChin says:
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
why you say me gila?
AnnChin says:
u RRR Gila…!!!!
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
why i am gila?
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
dont simply say like this…
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:

AnnChin says:
soooooooooooo gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
ape ni…?
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
i think you more gilaaaaaaaaaaa
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
suddenly say people gila one…
. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数6个月 – StarDee * PRAY for CA… says:
you CRAZIE!!!!!!!!!

and my mom questioned me about my credit card transactions today… *HOLY* hmmm… apparently, not THAT MUCH for this month… but… there was this transaction stating ‘A1 Car rental’ for aud55 equivalent to rm161… i went like *WTF* since when that i rented a car… no more after we bought our own car… the last time we rented a car was in april… damn it!! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!! nvm… let me check properly first!!


Be a Porn Star…

just got this in my mailbox… thought of applying though… but then too bad… i am not qualified… oh… HOW SAD… but probably some people here qualified…? APPLY for it then!! if you are shortlisted, remember to give me a complimentary DVD of it…


Hi Guys & Gals,

Do you meet the below requirements?
You could be the next Porn Idol !! (click to apply)


Do you have what it takes to have sex and do not come for 30 minutes or more? Can you go down on a lady and not have tongue cramps? Do you like threesomes, bondage and roleplay? If your answer is YES, then you are the one we are looking for!


– At least 3 years of experience in having sex.
– Must NOT be shy in front of camera.
– Must have penis size at least 6 inches (15 cm long) and can have sex for
at least 30 minutes without coming.
– Must know how to go down on a lady and the 69 position.
– Those who knows the Kama Sutra Book by heart has an added
– Frequent masturbators are welcomed to apply.
– Ex-adult movies actors/actresses are encouraged to apply.
– For women, breast size must 36 C and above. Silicons are welcomed.
– Must be experienced in giving blow jobs and a lot of tongue actions
– Those women with bee sting sized breasts are encouraged NOT to apply.
– Must not be too fat. For guys, if you stand up and cannot see your penis,
please DO NOT apply.
– Body hair must be moderate.
– Those who knows the ‘helicopter’ position will get immediate hiring!
– Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

For interested candidates, please send your full resume and a Polaroid camera photo to our email. Nude pictures are preferred.

A walk in interview is also available at participating Watson’s, McDonald’s, Giant Hypermarket and Fitness First Gymnasium. (Please check local newspapers)

For the first 50 successful candidates, you will get complimentary vouchers from Starbucks and GSC. Apply FAST!!

Job Nature:
– full-time
– part-time/sideline
– freelance/contract

Job ID: Adult star

Bite Me Inc.



i believe… lack of sleep has caused me suffering from headache… and this has caused me not doing well enough for the exam… so then… i went to get a MC from the doctor… gonna submit it tomorrow and apply for Special Consideration… hopefully it helps… else… my HUGE 45bucks is wasted!! so expensive for just a MC… my goodnes… i think i could get it in malaysia for like… rm15…?